Special colored CH-47 Chinook helicopter to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Cino”

May 24 2013 - 1 Comment

On May 17, the Italian Army celebrated the 40th anniversary of the CH-47 Chinook (“Cino” as it is nicknamed in Italy) helicopter with a ceremony held at Viterbo airport.

CH-47 40 years

Along with the Chinook in a special color scheme, the ceremony featured a tactical event involving other assets of the Italian Army Air Cavalry: the A-129 attack helicopter and the NH-90, as the following images, taken by The Aviationist’s photographer Giovanni Maduli show.


The NH-90 on the ground, boarding special forces.


Here below, the CH-47 with a Bambi Bucket.

CH-47 40 Bambi

Image credit: The Aviationist’s Giovanni Maduli

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  • krishnakraus

    Saw an awesome video of the Chinook in action. Liked the new color scheme! Do you think it’ll hit half a century? Is a 50th anniversary too much?