What kind of target did the Israeli Air Force really hit in Syria?

May 08 2013 - 5 Comments

Twice between May 3 and 5, the Israeli Air Force conducted air strikes in Syria using Precision Guided Munitions.

The first raid hit a convoy believed to be moving Fateh-110 missiles destined to Hezbollah, whereas the second one hit several ground targets located near Damascus:  the Jamraya scientific research centre (the only one officially confirmed by the Syrian TV), some missile fuel storage depot as well as the 4th Brigade of the Republican Guard’s barracks.

After an open source imagery analysis of Al-Manar TV (a Lebanese satellite television station affiliated with Hezbollah) The Aviationist’s contributor and military expert Giuliano Ranieri was able to locate the site of the attack near Jamraya research center.


Actually, it’s is still not clear whether the center, attacked in January, was hit again or not; still, the building complex targeted in the night between May 4 and 5 could have been be a research center’s back-up structure, used to continue scientific works.

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Images of the site seem to show that no penetrating weapons were employed nor ventilation systems, typical of underground bunkers can be seen, a sign that, quite likely, the target could have been a mysterious facility operating under cover rather than a military installation.

target 1

“It’s hard to understand what the facilities was: just dead hens and collapsed walls can be seen in the photos published by the media outlets…” Ranieri explains.

Regardless of what the facility might have hidden, the attack seem to have been accurate and quite far from populated areas.

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Another sortie was made against a munition depot near Al-Dimaas, 15 km from Jamraya.


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  • Doc Strangelove

    Whatever purpose these buidlings served, there are far more of these rectangular shaped buildings forming a complex. If you follow the connecting road further south and then further east you can see a huge complex auf buildings consisting each of around four long rectangular buildings and two smaller buildings. These do not look as if to serve a civilian purpose. Only military buildings have this uniformity of construction.

    • marc aussure

      But i wonder if they could be warehouses, hidden fuel storage or simple barracks. What annoys me in this episode is that even with picture of the destruction it is not cear what exactly Israel is trying to achieve.

    • marc aussure

      Also would you happen to have the coordinates? thanks!

  • Accurate targeting of Chickens of Mass Destruction? Israel seems to think Syrian blood can make them safer.

  • mor

    SAAdF is Sending Buk-M2s to Mezzeh airport

    this is important, the question is hasnt been damescus protected with sa-17s ?! why they are adding new ADs? if it was really ECM that defeated syrian air defence what is the point of sending new systems?