One of the most shocking videos ever shows huge Boeing 747 crashing after take off from Bagram

Apr 30 2013 - 14 Comments

This is one of those video that deserve very few words as it speaks by itself.

It was recorded by a dash camera and shows the B747-400 cargo plane operated by National Air Cargo crashing after take off from Bagram Airfield, in Afghanistan.

The B747, contracted out by the U.S. military can be seen almost still, few hundred feet above the ground, unable to climb, before stalling and crashing into the ground.

According to some reports, internal load shifted just prior to the crash, causing the heavy cargo plane to pitch up past the point at which the crew could not recover the proper airspeed and attitude.

Bagram crash video

H/T to Sam Wiltzius for the heads up

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  • Dongskie

    I got goosebumps…..

  • Lukas Neusser

    The video is missing

  • OG_Locc

    Hey, my name isn’t Sam Wiltzius, and I gave you a heads up in the comments of the original story. Where’s my Hat Tip?


    • cencio4

      Hey, I’m sorry. H/T to you too.
      Next time you want to contact me fast, send me an email :) or tweet me.

  • IronButterfly

    A stall can be a very sick feeling. Very early in my flight career I had the wrong setting on my flaps and went nose up on take off with the stall warning horn blaring. Fortunately I figured out the problem and corrected the flap setting. If was a load shift, the pilots had practically no options.

    • FoilHatWearer

      Yep. They went straight in, there’s no way anybody survived that.

  • FoilHatWearer

    Wow, I didn’t even know this happened. What an awful video. This vid should be part of the required training curriculum for loadmasters (I’m sure the aviation community is way ahead of me on that one). As an aerospace engineer, I’ve investigated two mishaps due to incorrect/shifting CG (a crash after takeoff, and a failure to rotate resulting in rejected takeoff and brake fire). Bad deal.

  • Charlos
  • Gridlock

    Very sad thing to see, including the obvious effect on the driver.

    Does a -400 carry depleted uranium ballast?

  • Awful

  • Marlene

    I had a dream of that boing plane crash when I was 14 years old. Now my one and only daughter is 14 years old

  • Lawrence D. Wood

    No win situation.
    However, the pilots did a miraculous job in the stall recovery and leveling the aircraft, but just did not have the altitude.
    Their time.