Video shows what a Boeing 787 Dreamliner can do in the hands of an F-18 Hornet fighter jock

The following video, put under the spotlight by an article by the Daily Mail, shows what a Boeing 787 Dreamliner can do if given to a former Hornet fighter jock (Ex Boeing F-18 display pilot Mike Bryan).

The footage was filmed during an amazing display of July 2012’s Farnborough International Airshow 2012, when The Aviationist witnessed and reported about the impressive maneuverability of the Dreamliner.

Noteworthy, as we reported directly from FIA 2012 back then, some minutes after the last display on Jul. 11, 2012, a Ground Power Unit took fire near the Boeing 787 prompting a quick reaction by the local firefighting vehicles.

It was an omen to what would have happened months later, when a faulty battery grounded fifty B787 belonging to eight airlines.

Boeing has redesigned the battery system that will have to be approved and certified by the FAA, before airlines can fly the Dreamliner again.

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  1. Great vid, but remember this is a commercial airliner, with low fuel, no passengers or cargo, which makes for a spritely performance, we just don’t get to see it often.

  2. The orignal 707 could do a barrel roll:

    This one can just “take off real good”. Great.

  3. Well, I’m not impressed at all, that’s just a take-off with “stick in the corner” after T/O on a FBW aircraft which protects it from stall. No big deal, no need to be a fighter pilot for that, just a professional pilot…

    • disagree, never meant to be flown like that. It takes different mentality to actually DO. The wings were tested to flex up to 60 degrees from horizontal. Love it

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