Video shows first direct hit of a Surface to Air Missile on a Syrian helicopter

The following video clearly shows a Syrian Mil Mi-17 Hip helicopter hit by a surface-to-air missile near Aleppo on Nov. 27, 2012.

Even if there we have seen many videos showing Assad’s gunships downed by rebels fire, this is the first one to provide evidence of a direct hit using a SAM.

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  1. Are there any telling signs in the video that this is something other than an unguided RPG type weapon?

  2. Preliminary Analysis:
    – Helicopter: Mi-17.
    – Tail rotor is on left-hand side of fuselage.
    – Unclear if evasive maneuvers were being taken.
    – Clearly hit by a guided SAM, type unknown.
    – Likely MANPAD.
    – Missile impact on left side just below rotor hub.
    – Probably tracking heat signature from engine.
    – Appears as though the left-hand engine was damaged.
    – Note vapor trail. (0:25)
    – Right-hand engine likely operational, explains lack of immediate loss of control.
    – Right-hand engine panel appears to be blown open. (0:31)

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