Chinese TV airs first stunning footage of J-15 flight ops on board China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning

Although it’s still decades away from achieving a combat capability comparable to that of the U.S. Navy, China’s People Liberation Army Navy is trying to fill the gap quite quickly.

According to Alert5, the first arrested landing on Liaoning took place on Oct. 21 with a J-15 piloted by a China Flight Test Establishment pilot.

On Nov. 20, PLANAF (People Liberation Army Navy Air Force) performed the first successful arrested landing on the Liaoning, China’s first Aircraft Carrier by a made-in-China Shenyang J-15, a multi-role Gen.4.5 plane (based on the Su-33 airframe with Chinese-developed technology).

On Nov. 23, flight ops on the aircraft carrier involved two PLANAF pilots.

Purchased in 1998, the Kutznesov Class 60,000 ton aircraft carrier, previously named “Varyag”, will be used to test qualify Chinese pilots flying with the navalised J-15 as well as to test and validate procedures, equipments for another future operative aircraft carrier (expected no sooner than 2020).

Hence, not only China is currently the only country known to be developing two stealth fighters simultaneously (the J-20 and the J-31) but the successful landings on Liaoning have put its Navy on track for a future role as a maritime power capable to pose a threat to the U.S. naval forces in the Asia-Pacific theatre.


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  1. What I find ‘stunning’ here is indeed the lack of respect for the Chinese armed forces. Especially US citizens still see China as a larger version of North Korea and still think they fly with MiG-17’s and MiG-19’s.

    And do you really think Chinese give a cr*p about the accusations about copying military technology?? In global politics there is no place for cry babies.

    Wether you like it or not, they will keep growing as a force to be reckoned with.

    And this was just the first carrier landing so ofcourse there is no payload under the wings. You think the first carrier landing of an F/A-18 was with a full payload???

  2. The name China comes from Chin dynasty 3000 years ago, it united seven major big nations at that time and became a strong nation. But the new nation is very cruel to people for ruling the annexed nations. After only 16 years, the dynasty collapsed for violent ruling. Don’t forget Jesus’s teaching or Confucious sayings. They are the true peace maker, not advanced killing weapons or fighters. Try to understand each other and kind each other like Jesus. Human being has sin to just bring benefits for self not others. China and USA should be a good friends each other to keep the world peace. Try to let Jesus kingdom fall on the earth! May God bless the two nations!

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