Syrian regime's drone workshop with Saeqeh UAVs (and evidence of Iranian support) captured by the rebels in Aleppo

Aug 15 2012 - 4 Comments

The following video, just uploaded to Youtube, allegedly shows an Assad regime’s drone workshop in Aleppo, just captured by the rebels.
Interestingly, the type of drones depicted in the footage are not the “Pahpad“, the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) most frequently spotted spying on the Free Syrian Army around Homs and elsewhere in Syria since the beginning of the uprising, but what looks like Iranian “Saeqeh” ones.

The Saeqeh are a family of Iranian target drones similar to the Ababil UAVs. Those in the video have some canard wings that make them different from the previous versions. This could mean that those captured in Aleppo are either improved Saeqeh UAVs or Ababil (although similar to the Ababil II, those in the workshop are not that type of drone), used for reconnaissance missions.

Along with the drones, the rebels reportedly found also the manuals of to operate/overhaul them (as well as documents whose cover depicts Iranian Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini).

H/T to @troublejee for the heads-up

  • Smooth Operator

    Wouldn’t I find F14s in Iran along with American manuals on how to operate them?(evidence that the US is supporting Iran I would think) lol

  • David Kindalin

    “Along with the drones, the rebels found also the manuals of to operate/overhall them” Don’t say anything when you don’t know. The book titles are: “the way of Imam khomeini” and “lessons from islamic revolution” and both are in arabic. Iranians do not speak arabic. their language is persian!

    • Thank you David,

      the fact that there were manuals to operate and overhaul them was included in the message that pointed me to the video.

  • Somebody

    Just for the record;
    Pahpad in Persian means UAV or drone, so this sentence ” not the type of drones depicted in the footage are not the “Pahpad“ ” is not grammatically correct. ;)