Lockheed Martin's picture of the final F-22 Raptor. Taken with a (costly) Hasselblad H4D super-high definition camera.

May 03 2012 - 6 Comments

Here’s a cool image of the final F-22 aircraft (Air Force serial number 10-4195) delivered to the U.S. Air Force on May 2, 2012.

The aircraft will be assigned to the 3rd Wing at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JEBR), Alaska, where F-22s already equip the active duty 90th and 525th Fighter Squadrons and the 302nd FS, an Air Force Reserve Associate squadron.

The photograph is particularly interesting because, according to the EXIF data shown by Flickr, it was taken with a Hasselblad H4D, a high-end professional, costly (depending on the model the price range is comprised between 27,000 and 44,000 USD), medium format DSLR camera, that is famous for its super-high resolution images.

The most expensive camera for the final most advanced (and troubled) stealth fighter plane ever built.

  • Sol

    love your blog! but i have to take issue with this being the most advanced fighter built. in some ways i see this as being below par. its doesn’t have IRST, it doesn’t have helmet mounted cueing…

    i see a great many holes in it avionics setup. hopefully the stealth is better than advertised but from open sources it just doesn’t give me the wow factor that the F-35 does.

    • Hi Sol,
      thanks for your support and comment.
      Surely, the F-22 has a weak OBOGS, lacks JHMCS and HOBS, however, although I’m one of those who have criticized the Raptor the most, I must admit that, if we only consider fighters, not bombers, nor multiroles, etc., it is the most advanced air superiority plane currently in service. Just think to the thrust vectoring and stealthiness….

      Yes, the F-35 will be even more advanced, but it’s still being developed, it is just now entering active service and will be a multirole plane that will be also able to perform air-to-air missions, but it was designed to excel in the air-to-surface role.

      Hope this explains why I think the F-22 is the current most advanced fighter.

  • Matt B.

    I think I just lost brain cells reading the above comment….

  • Hawkeye

    Hello David!

    Could i ask a link with full resolution when you post great pictures ( the IAF F-16 omg)? Of course i guess you don’t have the full size pic every time, but when you have it, could you put the link somewhere in your post?

    Many many thanks!

    • Hi,
      it’s quite easy to get the full rez version of some of the images. If they are official photographs, most probably, I’ve downloaded them from Flickr, where you can find the full resolution version of the file.

      Anyway, maybe next time I’ll add a link within the post too.

  • The shot you have is a “this is how we did it shot, and it’s interesting lighting, I’d love to see “the shot” i.e. the one that was the #1 and the one the’y use..