Video: Best or Craziest helicopter pilot in the world?

May 02 2012 - Leave a Comment

This might be the best or even the more dangerous helicopter show you’ve ever seen.

The video, most probably filmed years ago (based on the poor image quality), shows an Australian OH-58 Kiowa performing stunts inside what looks like a packed stadium, at low level around a man acting like a sort-of chopper tamer.

Such maneuvers require a lot of experience, skill, cold blod and insanity: the one piloting the chopper may have been the best pilot in the world or even the most daring. But he’s performing the display with zero safety margin: a simple error or a minor mechanical failure would mean the death of a lot of people.

On a side note, after the craziest helicopter show in the world, beginning at 04:00 minutes, you can see an interesting hoist recovery performed by a Royal Australian Navy Sea King (in the old color scheme).

Thanks to Ugo Crisponi for the heads up