DeMotivational Poster: the future of China's most advanced stealth fighter. Downed by Lockheed Martin's 6th generation combat plane

Each time I’ve published an article about the J-20, as the recent one to comment a test flight video, I’ve always received many emails and comments from readers asking if China’s 5th generation combat plane will pose a real threat to the next generation of U.S. stealthy fighters.

As I’ve already explained in several articles, the real problem for the U.S. with the J-20 is not with the aircraft’s stealthiness, performance, top speed, turn rate equipment and capabilities; the problem is that China will probably build thousands of them.

This means that I believe the American technology will still be ahead of the Chinese one for several decades (if not “ages”) – even if not always quality is better than quantity.

Anyway, I’ve asked Al Clark to create a funny demotivational poster showing a flight of two Lockheed Martin 6th generation stealth fighters (probably made of morphing metals and flight surfaces featuring some Star Wars-like equipment – that I fictionally dubbed F-39) intercepting with success several Chinese J-20s, in a hyphotetical future air defense scenario.

I say again, it’s just for fun.


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  1. Well, okay, but I don’t see the ‘demotivational fun’ element in the poster. The point is you’re supposed to laugh. Don’t want to be sour, but I think you’re missing the point of Demotivational posters…

    • Edge (can’t understand the reason for people not using their names to make critics),
      I appreciate your comment, however, I think you’r missing the point. You can’t consider this a typical demotivational poster (have you noticed it has 2 images while “normal” demotivational posters have only one?) as it is not the scope of this blog to make you laugh. As explained in the text it is demotivational poster-like drawing that has the goal to show how a future dogfight might end. You have to consider it as an answer to all the articles according to which China’s airplane will match U.S. tech. So, it’s a way to tease those theories (and propaganda messages).

  2. Point one: for a variety of reasons people in general are not keen to use their own name on the internet. But in this case, don’t see the added value of using mine.

    Now, about your remarks: maybe i’m too much of a meme geek that I have different expectations from demotivational posters, point taken, but since you’re announcing that it ment to be funny…one would expect it to be and to have something to laugh about.

    Apart from this, I really appreciate your blog and all the tremendous amount of work you’re doing and read it everyday and is very valuable for my profession! So forgive my nitty witty comments ..

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