Video: Costa Allegra re-supply operations in the Indian Ocean

The following video shows the Costa Allegra re-supply operations performed by a Zil Air EC-120B helicopter (reg. S7-ZIL) from Alphonse island (located 500 km to the southwest of Mahe), on Feb. 28, 2012, at 12.14 LT.

During the same day, the Zil Air chopper performed 5 successful air drops on the Costa Concordia‘s sister ship.

The helo, shadowed by a “company traffic” (P-68C plane reg. S7-EVE), can be seen reaching the cruise ship being towed by a French oceanic tugboat and establishing a right hand racetrack to the drop zone. The chopper then perfoms a stern approach to the ship until it reaches a hover position at 15 ft and begins dropping essential communication and food supplies.

Here’s an image of the EC-120B helicopter S7-ZIL:

Image credit: Zilair

Thanks to Emiliano Guerra for the heads up.

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