Watch a B-1 Lancer perform a double aileron roll during an airshow

Mar 27 2016 - 3 Comments

Ever happened to see a B-1 Lancer doing a double aileron roll?

The B-1 “Lancer” supersonic swing-wing strategic bomber is a highly maneuverable video, as proved by this really interesting amazing video.
It shows a “Da Bone” (from “B-One”) doing a high-speed low altitude pass over MacDill Air Force Base followed by a double aileron roll performed with the aircraft climbing with full afterburner.

Quite unusual, since heavy bombers don’t perform such kind of maneuvers at airshows. Still, pretty cool.

The B-1s have completed a Tour of Duty in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in the Central Command area of responsibility, where they have been deployed to pound ISIS last January. They returned home after a 6-month deployment worth 3,800 munitions on 3,700 targets in 490 sorties, to receive upgrades; they could head back to the Mideast this summer after they receive additional cockpit upgrades.