These are the most awesome pictures of Italy’s largest military exercise

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As already explained in the report about the Air-to-Air Refueling mission we took part,  Ex. Star Vega is this year’s largest Italian exercise.

Centered on two Main Operating Bases, Decimomannu and Trapani, were the tactical planes were based; Star Vega 2013 saw the participation of all the types of assets of the Italian Air Force, including the C-130J and C-27J cargos from Pisa, the KC-767s from Pratica di Mare; and the Italian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) from Amendola.

Star Vage 2013 AC_115

The following images were taken by Alessandro Caglieri and Gian Luca Onnis at Decimomannu airbase where the attack planes were based.

Tornado ECR of the 50° Stormo from Piacenza:

StarVega Onnis 16

Star Vage 2013 AC_68

StarVega Onnis 12

Tornado IDS of the 6° Stormo, from Ghedi:

Star Vage 2013 AC_18

Star Vage 2013 AC_26

Star Vage 2013 AC_47

Star Vage 2013 AC_52

Star Vage 2013 AC_104

StarVega Onnis 7

AMX of the 51° Stormo, from Istrana:

Star Vage 2013 AC_73

Star Vage 2013 AC_69

StarVega Onnis 17

Lockheed Martin “Dragon Star” Airborne Multi-Intelligence Laboratory (more on this platform will be published in a future piece):

Star Vage 2013 AC_90

Star Vage 2013 AC_92

C-27J of the 46^ Brigata Aerea from Pisa:

Star Vage 2013 AC_37

StarVega Onnis 11

Image credit: Alessandro Caglieri and Gian Luca Onnis

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