All RDAF F-16 Fighting Falcons Are Getting Have Glass V Color Scheme

RDAF F-16 Have Glass
The first RDAF F-16AM to sport Have Glass V color scheme. (All images: Henrik Gram Jensen)

The RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force) F-16 Fighting Falcons are being painted in dark grey.

In October 2020, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Flyvevåbnet (Royal Danish Air Force), the F-16AM serial E-005 was given a new paint scheme instead of the traditional two-tone grey color scheme applied to all the RDAF F-16 Fighting Falcon jets. As we explained back them, the somewhat “special” livery was an overall Have Glass Grey (FS36170) applied to all the airframe but the radome.

As we explained back then, the Have Glass Grey sported by E-005 is the same applied to the new F-35A Lightning II of the RDAF, whose livery is mostly based on the FS36170 (the same as all the rest of the F-35s). What makes the Danish Lightnings a bit different from the F-35s of the other nations is the fact they feature a toned down version of the colored roundel and national flag: in fact, the Dannebrog, the Flag of Denmark, on the aircraft’s tail fin and the RDAF roundel, on the side of the air inlet, are painted in Insignia Red FS 31136, and light gray shade (instead of white) FS 36375.

Interestingly, the darker color scheme won’t be reserved to the 70th anniversary aircraft: gradually more RDAF F-16s are getting the new Have Glass V paint job, destined to become the new standard for all the Danish Vipers.

“So far E-005, E-007 and E-011 has been re-painted in the dark color,” Danish photographer Henrik Gram Jensen told us. “More F-16s will get this paint scheme as they go through their major maintenance at the Main Maintenance Center located at the air base in Aalborg.”

RDAF F-16 Have Glass
The tone of the Have Glass V color scheme varies depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions.

Have Glass V

Have Glass V, or “Have Glass 5th generation”, sported by the RDAF F-16 aircraft is the evolution of the standard two-tone grey Have Glass color scheme of the Fighting Falcon: all “Vipers” are covered with RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) made of microscopic metal grains that can degrade the radar signature of the aircraft.

The Have Glass V is the latest version of the special paint. Based on the Have Glass Grey (FS36170), we have started observing the new darker color scheme on U.S. F-16s beginning in 2012 when it was applied to the F-16CM (formerly CJ) Block 50 Fighting Falcon aircraft. Since then, many units have started using the new color scheme, that, as we explained almost 10 years ago, is slated to become the new standard in the Viper fleet: the 64th AGRS (Aggressor Squadron) at Nellis Air Force Base, the South Dakota ANG 175th Fighter Squadron and 85th TES at Eglin AFB, Florida, the 480th FS at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, and the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano AB, Italy, fly or have flown Vipers painted with the new darker color scheme. Some (as this one from the 149th Fighter Wing, Texas Air National Guard) sport a slightly modified variant of the Have Glass V, with a have a darker radome and the two-letter tail code, serial number and squadron markings black in color, instead of light grey.

The RDAF F-16 jets are, to our knowledge, the first international Vipers to sport the Have Glass V color scheme.

RDAF F-16 Have Glass
Bottom view of a RDAF F-16 with the new color scheme.

H/T to our friend Rich Cooper for the heads-up!

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