First Look At Denmark’s First F-35A Decorated with Dannebrog Flag

The first F-35A in RDAF livery (Image credit: LM/Chris Hanoch)

The first F-35A for the Royal Danish Air Force has been given its paint scheme and markings, including the Dannebrog flag. Unlike most other nations, the Danish F-35 feature a toned down version of the colored roundel and national flag.

L-001, the first of 27 F-35A Lightning II aircraft destined to the Flyvevåbnet (RDAF – Royal Danish Air Force) has been unveiled wearing its final livery.

The aircraft has been painted with the Have Glass Grey (FS36170), that is the standard color applied to all the Lightnings. However, unlike the other partner nations, that use greyish roundels, the RDAF F-35 also sports a toned down version of the colored roundel and national flag: along with the base grey, the Danish Lightnings sport the Dannebrog, the Flag of Denmark, on the aircraft’s tail fin and the RDAF roundel, on the side of the air inlet, in Insignia Red FS 31136, and light gray shade (instead of white) FS 36375.

According to LM, the L-001 will now go through a series of comprehensive tests to ensure that all systems in the aircraft function properly. Among other things, it covers a wide range of software tests, where all the aircraft’s mechanical and electronic systems are tested.

Finally, four test flights will be completed with the aircraft: the first two will be conducted by LM test pilots; the two last tests flights will be carried out by test pilots from the U.S. Air Force in connection with the transfer of the aircraft from Lockheed Martin to the RDAF.

The delivery and handover of the first Danish F-35 has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aircraft was initially scheduled to be rolled out of the factory in Forth Worth in October 2020, and transfer to Danish ownership was planned for Jan. 27, 2021. Based on the latest plans, L-001 will be transferred to Danish ownership at a roll out ceremony on Apr. 7 2021, and the aircraft will immediately thereafter be used for retraining of both pilots and ground personnel at Luke Air Force Base, while the first Danish F-35 aircraft are expected to land in Denmark, at Skrydstrup Air Base, in 2023.

A close up of the RDAF F-35A tail. (Image credit: LM)

H/T to Patrick Jensen for the heads-up!

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