Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon Crashes Near Albacete After Performing In National Day Parade, Killing Pilot

Oct 12 2017 - 9 Comments

It’s the third deadly crash of a Eurofighter in one month.

A Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon has crashed at Albacete, southeast on Madrid, Spain, while recovering to Los Lanos airbase after taking part in a National parade. The pilot did not manage to eject from the aircraft and was killed in the accident.

According to the Spanish MoD, the Eurofighter, one of four Typhoons that took part in the parade over Madrid, crashed, for unknown reasons, on approach to Albacete.

Albacete is the home base of the Eurofighter Typhoon C.16 jets from Ala 14 and the main operating base of NATO Tactical Leadership Programme.

This is the third deadly crash of a Typhoon in one month: a RSAF Typhoon combat aircraft involved in a mission against Houthi fighters over Yemen crashed into a mountain in Al Wade’a district on Sept. 13, 2017; then, on Sept. 24, an Italian Air Force Typhoon crashed into the sea while performing its solo display during the Terracina airshow.

File photo of a Spanish Typhoon from Albacete taking off during Anatolian Eagle exercise in Turkey in 2014.

  • Kiusa

    I am calling it now: This will quickly get political.

  • Mort


  • El Kabong

    Sad to hear this. RIP.

    If it was an F-35, the internet trolls would be all over this.

    • really?

      looks like they already are.

      nice work turning a mans death into an internet stupidity session, bravo.

    • Ethan Mclean

      You already are :D

  • Jon National

    Very sad. RIP

  • Avalon Adam

    Is there any other modern combat aircraft that has suffered as many fatal crashes in such a short time ?

  • Ching-Chen Huang

    Damn, what happened to Typhoon fighters, it’s third time in this recent month…….

  • Christopher Manson

    I’m very willing to bet that the losses of both this and the Italian Air Force Typhoon were the results of very lax discipline on the maintenance personnel. Either way, my prayers go out to the pilot’s family.