Incredible footage shows MH-60 Seahawk helicopter attempting to land on the pitching deck of a warship in rough seas

Watch this intense video of a new Danish MH-60R Seahawk landing on the small pitching and rolling helicopter deck of a patrol vessel.

The following video was released by the Danish Air Force on Facebook last week.

It was filmed during a recent test of the new Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk off the Faroe Islands, between Norway and Iceland.

The multi-mission naval chopper was involved in sea trials with a Danish and an Australian test pilots called to explore the aircraft’s flight envelope and landing restrictions in the very same extreme conditions Danish warships can find operating in the North Atlantic Ocean.

As you can see, landing a (modern) helo on the small, pitching deck of an ocean patrol vessel requires skills, coordination and some bravery.

The Danish Air Force has received three of eight MH-60R Seahawks ordered in 2012, last June.

H/T Lasse Holmstrom for the heads-up


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    • There is 2. As you can see at 1:07-1:08 there is 2, but looks like there is a middle window which don’t need any since the pilots won’t be looking out through that.

  1. Sometimes we fixed-wing guys don’t give the rotary guys enough respect. That’s the wrong attitude, as this video aptly displays.

    On a side note, it will be interesting to watch this type evolution take place with any number of unmanned platforms. especially with the technology-leading and world’s most powerful U.S. Navy. From the MQ-8 to the MQ-8C, TERN to V-247. Change is a’foot, and it’s the West that’s at the tip of this new warfighting spear. Who here with an ounce of common sense would object to that? Not me!

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