Crazy videos show Turkish Air Force F-16s flying at very low level among the buildings during military coup

Jul 16 2016 - 18 Comments

Turkish Air Force F-16s performing show of force low passages over Ankara. With afterburners, nav lights, armament and releasing flares.

Both bridges over the Bosphorus have been closed, tanks are in the road and surrounding key places, the state TV and Istanbul airport have been occupied and all flights have been cancelled: a coup is in progress in Turkey.

The military takeover is supported by the Turkish Air Force F-16s that are performing ultra low-level passes, at rooftop altitude, with full afterburners over Turkey’s capital Ankara.

Take a look at the following footage.

At least one of the aircraft performing the show of force appears to be armed with AIM-120 and AIM-9 air-to-air missiles and drop tanks.

Here is another interesting clip:

It looks like F-16s are even launching flares to intimidate pro-Erdogan protestors.

Top image via @DefenseAero. H/T Giuliano Ranieri for sending the video links




  • TheRedLeaf

    Thats different under the 1000 meter regulation :)

  • su34

    As for now, the part of the military that tried to overthrow the sultan
    had only helos, and armor available. The F16s were from the loyalist
    faction, as they shot down the helos, and provided cover. The sultan’s
    TK8456 loitered for a long time near the Marmara Sea, without being
    disturbed by any F16. (now
    conveniently deleted from fr24)
    It looks like a CIA coup attempt, using (some of) the Gulenists, and expecting the rest of the army to join. The obomba staff waited out to see where the balance tilts, and after the coup’s failure was evident, started with support messages for the government.
    Another hypothesis is that the sultan, and his secret services, set up the Gulenists, to finally get rid of them (but that looks less probable).

    • rats123

      The cleverly worded reaction from Washington was interesting. There was no immediate condemnation but a more wait and see approach.

    • BernardP

      Sultan… Aptly named…

    • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

      I came here just looking just for this: a pointless and irrelevant political comment with the sole purpose of slander.

    • John Stiller

      You mean patriots trying to overthrow a dictator.

      • su34

        See below…
        Yanks, and cousins seem to have a penchant for naivete, to put it mildly.

    • Cody3/75

      Really? Again with the CIA? Just stop already dunce.

  • Chillaxian

    Got to worry for the guy flying that thing… took a chance to ensure a secular gov and doesn’t look like it worked out.

    Going to be hell to pay…

    • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

      How do you predict a secular government was to follow the coup, and not a military junta? The example of Egypt doesn’t fare well for those who hoped Erdogan would fall.

      • Chillaxian

        From the historical prospective the Turkish armed forces have enforced a secular government….

        And we’ll military governance would follow immediately afterwards they have always turned power back to civilian authorities… pretty quickly as well. Think the last military ruling council lasted 3 years, that’s less than the term of a US president.

  • Naoyuki Sasanami

    So the sonicboom everywhere over Ankara were quite intended to encourage ppl go out. unbelievable this is a usage of fighters in stealth era

    • arslonga vitabrevis

      When you live near these jets you see them flying like this quite often. It is maintaining their readiness. It is just like another practice, another drill. Doesn’t make sense to not practice what you may one day need to do. Yes, there is an element of psychological manipulation but that is a huge part of conflict.

  • John Stiller

    A shame the small group of Turkey military patriots didn’t succeed. Apparenetly Turks now want an Islamic dictatorship rather than secular democracy.

  • The Internet Scientist, PhD

    not every false flag operation needs to be as dramatic as 9/11

    • sferrin

      You’re the reason tinfoil is so expensive.

  • Clay_T

    Too bad Sec State wasn’t as free thinking. Had a couple F-16 buzzed Benghazi, the militants might have decided mommy was calling them for dinner and went home.