Watch 71 Russian military aircraft fly over Moscow during Victory Day air parade

Military planes flying over Moscow rooftops on Victory Day

71 combat planes and helicopters flew over central Moscow to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two on May 9.

The air parade included most of the Russian “hardware” that took part in the Air War over Syria, including the Tu-95 Bear, Tu-22M3 Backfire and Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers and the Su-34 Fullback “multidimensional” fighters.

The flypast also featured the Il-76 and AN-124 airlifters, the Russian MiG-29SMT fighter jets, the “Kubinka diamond” made of MiG-29s of the Strizhi (Swifts) and Su-27s of the Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights) as well as Mi-28Ns, Mi-35s and Ka-52 combat helicopters flying over the monument of Minin and Pozharsky at Red Square in Moscow.

Here’s an interesting video that shows all of them.

As a side note, the air parade was advertised with banners that had an F-15 painted on them:

Victory Day 2016 F-15

Update: some Russian readers have pointed out that the above one is just an advertising of one of the political parties in the Bryansk city. So, surely, it is a funny designer mistake, bit it’s not connected with any of the officials participating in the parade.

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  1. The banner it is not advertizing of parade. It was placed in regional city Briansk and showed advertizing of small political party Rodina. Looks like that politician are bonehead as usual.
    Translation: Rodina is always right. Regional branch of “Rodina” party. Adress..

  2. This is not advertisment of the Moscow air parade – “On Victory Day eve the local department of political party “Rodina” (“Motherland”) placed a huge poster on the building wall depicting unexpectedly the U.S. fighter McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.” – says your own link.

  3. Funny that they’d pick the US fighter that’s killed more MiG’s than any other. You can be sure someone got reamed over this “oversight”.

  4. USA/NATO today makes the same historical mistake that Napoleon and Hitler and many others did: try to conquer asia and eastern europe. congratulations to all who contribute(d) to a free europe …
    the ad shows why professionals should do the work – russian f-15? is the su-27. and it looks way better than the f-15 :)

    • I don’t know which planet you are from, or from which reality or dimension, but NATO has never been about conquering other countries or Russia, it has always been about defensive pacts. It never “conquered” or “took control” or “annexed” anything, only Russia did that.

      • please study history carefully. not winners rewritten history. NATO is a cold war encircelment and containment organization which transformed into a global intervention machine. and it does not work.
        any intervention will lead to hate and resentment, more and more asymmetrical warfare. we do not need big armies anymore – long term solution is bring up the people with education and technology.
        bomb them into submission? does not work. plant military bases, drones and special forces all over the world? does not work.
        russia took back crimea because chrushtshov stole it in 1954. any protest was snuffed out by him. again read the true history – which is now discovered or rediscovered day by day.

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