Russian spyplane and U.S. MQ-9 ER Reaper sharing the same airspace over Syria

MQ-9ER Reaper drone over Idlib.

The skies over northwest Syria are still much crowded.

The following video was allegedly filmed on Apr. 6 in Idlib, Syria.

It shows a Russian Air Force Il-20M Coot spyplane flying more or less in the same airspace (although at a different altitude) as an U.S. MQ-9 ER (Extended Range) Reaper drone.

Il-20 over Idlib

The footage is extremely interesting for two reasons: first of all, it proves the Il-20s have resumed flying over Syria. In fact, the spyplane was not spotted quite often recently, especially after a Tu-214R was temporarily used in the theater.

Second, the MQ-9 seems to carry an underwing tank (or a sensor pod?) and AGM-114 Hellfire pylons with an ASM (Air to Surface Missile) still available. The question is, the other three AGM-114 missiles were fired during the same mission?

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