This is one of the largest collections of Soviet airplanes in the world!

If you have not yet planned this year holidays, the following impressive footage gives a hint.

Located in Riga, Latvia, the largest collection of Soviet aircraft outside Russia had been set up in the last 40 years by Viktor Talpas, a 76-year-old former aircraft engineer of the Russian aviation company Aeroflot.

As this clip shows, this huge static display features some unique pieces, such as several MiG fighter jets and a Mi-6 helicopter.

During the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic era, the site of the museum was home to a young pilots club for those who wanted to learn about aeroplanes and Talpas was their instructor. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and after the country became the Republic of Latvia in 1991, the club shut down, but Talpas continued to build up his collection, which is today one of the largest museums of Soviet era aircraft in the world.