Northrop Grumman has just released an animation that shows how 6th Generation fighters might look like

Northrop Grumman 6th Gen. fighter as shown in a commercial released in 2015.

Northrop Grumman has just launched a new ad that teases next generation fighter jets.

One year ago, Northrop Grumman, at that time competing with Lockheed Martin and Boeing for the LRS-B ( Long Range Strike-Bomber) released an interesting ad that teased the shape of the next generation bomber.

Earlier today, the aerospace giant released a new ad that clearly shows, along with a B-2 and some X-47B UCAVs, three 6th Gen. fighters: the new tailless concept, already exposed by some renderings last year, features the “cranked kite” design that’s in vogue with Northrop Grumman, which built the U.S. Air Force iconic B-2 stealth bombers the X-47B naval killer-drone demonstrator and the still much secret RQ-180 unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance aircraft.

The so-called Next Generation Air Dominance concept points towards a small and much agile plane, rumored to be supersonic, long-range, cyber-resilient against threats of the future interconnected world, and able to carry laser-weapons.

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  1. Bulky… Fat… Big… Heavy… Low visibility from cockpit… It reminds me that F-29 Retal flight sim opening page concept plane (1990 video game)… That one was inspired by the ATF contest.

      • I think you missed the part where that thing is NOT in development but just a kid’s painting with modern technology. It was just.. nothing political here. Nothing to see, move on.

    • It is a very capable plane indeed, everything, the expected bugs have been documented and everything is on track. All ready for the major 3F pack update for full service.

      But I can guarantee this to you, it will make the SU-35 cry, the PAKFA cry for its mommy.

  2. Annnndddd you got it right, the comment on top of yours is exactly what you just said it would happen. Hahaha!

  3. Look at that shape. Northrop’s 6th generation is obviously designed supersonic combat only: like typhoon and in part f22

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