Tehran releases footage of Iranian navy submarine allegedly aiming at a U.S. aircraft carrier

Jan 29 2016 - 22 Comments

The Iranian Navy has spied on a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz with drones and subs.

Iranian Tasmin News media outlet has aired a short video, allegedly filmed by a Ghadir-class submarine during a maritime exercise in the Strait of Hormuz.

The footage (click here) shows the submarine or a warship (the image above seems to be taken from a certain height from above the sea level…) somehow aiming or at least pointing its sensors at the American warship. According to the reports from the Iranian media, a drone took part in the surveillance operation as well, taking pictures of the American flattop from above.

In another video, you can see an IRGC drone flying close to the carrier (click here).

It’s not clear if and when the “close encounter” really happened nor the name of the “targeted” U.S. vessel; currently the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier is operating in the Persian Gulf supporting Operation Inherent Resolve against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The incident occurred just a few days after ten U.S. sailors were abducted by Iran, following a technical malfunction that caused them to enter Iranian national waters near an island in the Gulf.

On Dec. 26, 2015 an Iranian vessel approached aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman while transiting the Strait of Hormuz and fired rockets in a direction away from the American flattop.

This is not the first time Iranian surveillance planes or even subs operate in the vicinity of an American aircraft carrier transiting across Hormuz. However, especially when sailing in troubled waters, all the aircraft carrier’s defenses (including surface to air missiles) are on heightened alert status and almost no suspect (manned or unmanned) aircraft approaching the ship goes unnoticed.

On the other side submarines can be a significant threat to the U.S. CSGs (Carrier Strike Groups).

During exercises and real ops, submarines regularly slip in the heart of the multi-billion-dollar aircraft carrier’s defensive screen to pretend-sinking U.S. supercarriers, whose underwater defenses are far from being impenetrable.

Last year we reported about the U.S. aircraft carrier and part of its escort “sunk” by French submarine during drills off Florida.

H/T @RagazzidiTehran for the heads-up. Image: screenshot from Tamir News footage.

  • Athanor

    Stop using the word “abducted”. They weren´t abducted, David, they were retained becuase they invaded territorial waters of a sovereign country.
    Just think if you would use that word in case the same but with switched nationalities.

    • Kev789

      They didn’t invade. They goofed. Probably fixed on fixing the prob on one of the boats.

    • Tony

      Wrong, they broke international law by parading the American sailors on their knees. But it doesn’t matter, right? The Iranians are anti-American, which makes the Iranians your friends.

      • Bez

        American sailors violated Iranian territorial waters.

    • RT Colorado

      Athanor has half a point, the American sailors did cross into Iranian waters, but invade…only a screaming fanatic could call it an invasion. For centuries, seagoing nations have recognized ‘shipwrecked sailors’ not as invaders up just that…sailors who have suffered some accident of nature or their vessel which places them somewhere they don’t have permission to be. If the nationalities were swapped, the result would have been different. Were an Iranian vessel to suffer a mechanical breakdown and wind up on an island off the US coast it would be towed to where it could be repaired and returned to Iranian control, but the treatment of the crew would have been in accordance with international maritime law, not like the Iranians treated the Americans.

      • Athanor

        Those intelligence gathering ships weren’t shipwrecks. They didn’t were in danger of sunk.
        They were spying Iranian waters.

        If you want to know if you’re being objective, change the subjects and look if the sentences are still true

  • Marco

    In a XXI century all-out war between industrialized superpowers, there is not much space left for these enormous floating targets. Aircraft carriers and most if not all, naval surface combatants would not survive long. Of course it is totally different in a real world scenario where WWIII is not on any table and warfare is asymmetric.

  • su34

    “ten U.S. sailors were abducted by Iran, following a technical malfunction that caused them to enter Iranian national waters”
    Really? Abducted by aliens? X-Files got a revival, but the “aliens” are now the yank gov…
    Drone/sub footage:

  • jacquesdaspy

    And the submarine’s periscope was how far out of the water when the photo was made?

    • Kirov

      Judging by the height of the carrier’s flight deck, probably about 40 feet in the air.

  • yousof

    boy oh boy the tide has changed. it looks like the middle east is getting ready to fall in Iran’s hand. What will happen after that? will Iran give america a drop of oil after that she gained power over middle east?

    • cricha43

      Hell, we have spent more on abandoned projects than iran spends yearly on defense. Iran is a joke.

      • Bez

        The joke is how much America wastes on “defense” (war), instead of its people.

    • OG_Locc

      What on earth are you talking about? What part of the middle east do you think Iran is going to “gain power over”? They’re the same loud yapping, impotent little dog they’ve always been – except with a few less generals and a few thousand less Hezbollah sock-puppets, after their unfortunate experience in the Syrian meat grinder.

  • Jon

    So Iranian subs use the English language in their periscope displays huh? Lmao

    • Garrett

      Its good that periscope is set to “track + stabilized” mode. You know, in case the sub is in danger of rolling over while submerged.

  • ‘Tos

    this can’t be true right??

  • Farzam Mir
  • Pepe Le Cox

    The carrier was in the Florida strait?, no!, they were few miles of Iran! (even in intl waters), so they have to get used to this …. close encounters, what if the iranian best ship were at only 20 miles from USA? lol I dont want to think about!.

    • OG_Locc

      “what if the iranian best ship were at only 20 miles from USA? lol I dont want to think about!.”

      LOL. The Iranian Navy would have a heck of a time even reaching the United States. In fact they made grand claims that they were *going * to do it recently.

  • RT Colorado

    Submariners have always maintained there are two types of naval vessels…Submarines and targets. Apparently the Iranians agree. I’m not sure what’s going on..is it incompetence on the part of the Navy; allowing drones to fly over the USS Truman and allowing an Iranian submarine to get that close to the USS Truman ? The last few years haven’t been kind to the Navy with several high profile scandals, ships and submarines running into ‘things’, elite Navy Riverine craft going 50 miles off course into Iranian waters (and being captured), the littoral ships being incapable of operations, having to ‘rebuild’ high tech catamarans, the USS Zumwalt…on and on and on. I use to think the US Navy was invincible on the oceans, but it looks like they present more of a threat to themselves than the enemy does. Combine a Navy that can’t stop hurting itself and an administration that hampers it at every turn, I’m amazed we even have a Navy….a force for good ?

  • Jan Schmidt

    i am not surprised. the gulf is like a prison for a carrier. it is easy to get into range, give the flattop a spread of torps. west german navy did it during exercise with U24 that were meant to defend the coastline and north sea. now the french, the brits, the norvegians, the swedish, the chinese and many others did it too.
    thats why all carriers will be equipped with anti-torpedo-systems.
    a carrier is now just a well defended target. SSK’s and AIP-uboats are so dangerous that “Witnesses reported that the U.S. officers who were on board the German U-boat U32, “had beads of sweat on their forehead”” … tech surprise. the US Navy has loaned a swedish AIP sub to try to defeat it.
    did not happen and they still have those rickover-sponsored noisy nuke-subs.