Interesting video shows an MV-22 Osprey training with U.S. Marine Corps special operations forces

Watch this Osprey conducting rappelling and fast rope-training with USMC special operations forces.

Taken on Jun. 23, 2015 the following footage features U.S. Marines assigned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 263, conducting fast-rope and rappelling training with Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) personnel near Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., to improve MARSOC members infiltration capabilities.

Given to the unique MV-22 ability to fly in all kinds of weather conditions, high and low altitudes, special operations forces infiltration-exfiltration (infil-exfil) is one of the main tasks for USMC Osprey aircrews.


    • Its training Bernard, you can’t land on a boat, in a valley, in a forest, on a mountain or an oil platform or on a urban road. You can also egress quicker after the the offload by not landing. But true dat, it would have been simpler.

    • Because the MV-22B can fly faster, higher, farther & carry a heavier load then a Huey or Blackhawk. You train with the equipment & tactics you are going to use in real situations.

  1. Great Video, the smaller dia (red) lines look like they are in danger of getting drawn into the rotors, is that just a camera angle or or they whipping around a little too much. Heavy black line looks solid.

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