Interesting video shows an MV-22 Osprey training with U.S. Marine Corps special operations forces

Dec 17 2015 - 7 Comments
  • BernardP

    It would have been simpler to land and let the soldiers walk out of the aircraft…

    • McPosterdoor

      Its training Bernard, you can’t land on a boat, in a valley, in a forest, on a mountain or an oil platform or on a urban road. You can also egress quicker after the the offload by not landing. But true dat, it would have been simpler.

    • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

      I’m sure they’ve already trained for walking out aircraft.

  • Kaiser Suze

    Yeah… I wouldn’t call it “fast” roping. Why not use normal chopper with slide doors?

    • Gunnyjack

      Because the MV-22B can fly faster, higher, farther & carry a heavier load then a Huey or Blackhawk. You train with the equipment & tactics you are going to use in real situations.

  • Andyksj

    Great Video, the smaller dia (red) lines look like they are in danger of getting drawn into the rotors, is that just a camera angle or or they whipping around a little too much. Heavy black line looks solid.

  • McPosterdoor

    Those ropes looked awful close to getting in the rotor blades in a couple instances.