Here’s the alleged Audio of the Turkish Air Force warning the Russian Su-24 before downing it

Hear a Turkish Air Force radar station warning an unknown aircraft about to enter the Turkish airspace.

On Nov. 24, a Russian Air Force Su-24M belonging to the contingent deployed to Latakia, in western Syria, was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16 after violating Ankara’s airspace in the Hatay region.

Here you can find all the details about the downing and subsequent CSAR (Combat SAR) mission launched by Russian choppers, one of those was destroyed by rebels on the ground, where the helicopter had performed an emergency landing.

The two Russian pilots, who ejected from the Su-24 in flames, died in the incident (it’s still unclear whether at least one of them died before it touched the ground or was killed by the rebels who reportedly gunned the two parachutes).

According to the Turkish authorities, the Russian plane was warned 10 times in 5 minutes while it approached the boundary with another Su-24, before it was engaged.

The violation was extremely short: flying at 19,000 feet, the Fencer crossed the Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. While one of the Fencers egressed towards the Syrian airspace, the doomed Su-24 was hit by an air-to-air missile (AIM-9X, based on the Russian report that mentions an IR-guided weapon; other sources suggested it may have been an AIM-120).

Interestingly, the Russian MoD denied any warning was radioed (by the F-16) to the Russian Su-24 at all.

This may be true because it was for sure a Turkish Air Force radar station to warn the Russian plane and to urge it to head south, away from the border.

The following audio was recorded on the international UHF Emergency frequency 243.000 MHz by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. We have no way to verify whether the audio was really recorded earlier today and we must highlight that similar messages have been radioed to unknown/Russian aircraft in the vicinity of the Turkish airspace in the past as well and recorded/heard by radio-hams and airband listeners located in Turkey and Greece.

However, some Turkish media outlets have already published a similar recording released by the TuAF in the aftermath of the shoot-down.

Provided it was recorded today, the audio would confirm both the Turkish and Russian versions: the TuAF radar warned the “unknown” plane (as claimed by Ankara) and it was not one of the F-16 to radio the message to the Su-24 (as claimed by Moscow).

Now, listen to the audio (if you can’t see the player below click here):

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    • Because Syria and Turkey aren’t on really good terms, and any unidentified aircraft coming from the latter is automatically considered hostile. That’s my guess.

  1. Before that another Russian jet a Su-30 violated Turkish airspace and Russian MoD announced it as a navigation error, but later on, the records of Turkish F-16s showed that Su-30 had radar lock on for more than 5 minutes! Was that a radar error too! The intention of that act was clear, and now they got their response! Syria is a deadly swamp right now and Russians are provoking the situation, because they have dirty benefits from that situation like selling more and more guns to Syria, Iran and Iraq.

    • It’s nothing to do with selling weapons but everything to do with energy, specifically gas. Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to build a gas line from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Turkey through to Europe. Thus limiting Russia’s control of gas to Europe. Assad didn’t want to have anything to do with it as Russia’s ally, thus he had to go. Turkey btw gets 57 percent of its gas from Russia and 20 percent from Iran so it despretly wants access to Qatar gas. The other aspect is the wider Sunni and Shia conflict. Right and wrong, dictatorship and democracy despite what the media tell us has nothing to do with the conflict.

    • We cannot be sure if that radar lock-on has really happened. We’re amidst a propaganda war here and both sides won’t shy away from lying.

  2. There are two mistake. Firstly, Russian air force being in syria. Secondly, Russian jet has been shooted by Turkish army.. There is not benefit both of them. USA and Ally are just winner.

  3. What about reading and understanding before making claims?!

    #1: The recorded audio is only 15 sec long, but who says it reflects the whole conversation? The article says explicitly “According to the Turkish authorities, the Russian plane was warned 10 times in 5 minutes while it approached the boundary with another Su-24, before it was engaged.
    #2: The recorded radio call was made by a Turkish radar station, not by a pilot!
    #3: The Turkish radar officer didn’t say the russian plane was in Turkish airspace, he said it was approaching Turkish airspace, so the warning was issued before the violation.
    #4: Given #3, your calculation is complete nonsense. The Russian pilot had all the time in the world to not enter Turkish airspace and nearly the full 17 seconds to leave it.

    Given all that, your conclusion, that this was “for sure” an ambush is logically incorrect.

    I agree that it might not have been absolutely necessary to shoot down this Su-24, but on the other hand this wasn’t the first incident involving Russian military aircraft violating Turkish airspace (see here for instance) and the Russians themselves are known for protecting their own airspace very keenly, so how can they be surprised when the Turkish Air Force reacts like this?

    • Turkish president Erdogan say at one day, it was in 2012 “Egypt military aviation violating our airspace more than 500 times, but it does not mean what we should shoot them down”. So? What was it? I don`t understand. You can find it in google, just search “Speech Erdogan about violation”

      Are the russians military aviation was more dangerous in that day? Or they don`t know what the specific operation carry on in Syria?

      I don`t want a war. I don`t want a blood. But these facts and actions speak about Turkish acts more than enough.


      By the way. This audio doesn`t prove anyting. till we don`t hear the official audio transmissions it`s useless discussion

      • #1 – The only source I could find using your search proposal was on – hardly a credible source and it doesn’t say anything about 500 violaions of Turkish airspace by Egyptian military aircaft. Instead a BBC article linked from there cites Edogan as saying “
        “Every military element approaching Turkey from the Syrian border and
        representing a security risk and danger will be assessed as a military
        threat and will be treated as a military target […]

        #2 – Do you know that the Egyptian aircraft you’re referring to were armed with real weapons? I mean, if they don’t the whole comparison doesn’t make sense, does it?

        #3 – In the end it’s every country’s own decision how to react to violations of their airspace. If a Russian pilot flies into Turkish airspace he knows he can be shot down, no matter how many Egyptian pilots haven’t been attacked.

        #4 – Who said this audio file proved anything?

        #5 – If this discussion is so useless, why did you engage in it in the first place?

    • there is just one record here. there are 9 other records. Warnings started while russian jets approaching turkish border. As far as i remember, 2 of these warnings gave the russian pilots in the turkish air-space. I suggest you to listen other records if you find.
      Best regards
      the turk

    • I agree especially when the Turkish Airforce were not the only one who heard the conversation via radio. Also a US Col. Steve Warren, spokesman at the Baghdad headquarters for U.S. forces operating in Iraq and Syria confirmed that he heard the conversation.

    • The Turks are known to violate Greek airspace daily. Turkish jets breached Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone. What would you say if Greece started shooting them down? The Russians here are bombing the terrorists, and all the Turkish actions show support for these terrorists, they buy their oil, they transfer their new recruits and through Turkey is the ISIS money trail.

    • You try to dress it up but she is still ugly

      1. Maybe they chat for an hour? Who knows. Maybe the F16 attacked the Su24 for a girl or something?
      2. So what is the difference? oh… adds more time to the equation. Now the ground radar radio operator has to talk to command which has to talk with F16 pilot to shoot at Su-24.
      3. The airbase from where Russian operates is merely 50km (30 miles) from Turkey. Every plane that takes off from there is coming towards Turkey so they should be shoot at after you reasoning. Russians operates within 10 kilometers (6miles) from border…. is a no brainer they would approach Turkish airspace.
      4. You talk nonsense as you draw conclusions from wrong conclusions.

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