This video shows what it’s like to be almost on the receiving end of Russian carpet bombings in Syria

Pretty impressive footage of bombs falling from the sky.

Beginning on Nov. 17, the Russian Air Force has started pounding ground targets across Syria using its heavy bombers: Tu-95MS, Tu-160 and Tu-22M.

During the first wave, 5 x Tu-160 Blackjack, 6 x Tu-95MS Bear and 14 x Tu-22M3 Backfire bombers flew round trip missions from airbases in Russia: Backfires flew 4,510km in 5h 20mins, Blackjacks and Bears over 6,500km in 8h 20mins and 9h 30mins.

Whilst the Tu-95s and Tu-160 launched 34 cruise missiles the Tu-22s dropped several FAB iron bombs during carpet bombing passes.

The following video was filmed at short distance from the targets of the carpet bombing: some 19 bombs can be seen falling from the sky before hitting somewhere not too far from the cameraman.

Actually, there is someone who believes these could be ALCMs (Air Launched Cruise Missiles) since they look quite slender: although this can’t be ruled out, the way they fall close one another seem to suggest these are not cruise missiles but dumb bombs whose shape appears a bit distorted because of the poor quality of the footage.

H/T @green_lemonnn for the heads-up


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  1. They should ask the Vietnamese what it’s like to be on the receiving end of B-52D “Big Bellies”. :-)

      • we have to thank italian general Giulio Douhet (1869 – 1930) for the ludicrous theory that “terror bombing” from the air will lower morale in such a way that the foe gives up and sues for peace or capitulates.
        the first (unsuccessful) carpet bombing was done by nazi german condor legion in rocky terrain in spanish civil war. later the luftwaffe carpetbombed the old city center of Rotterdam and threatened to bomb Utrecht, the dutch capitulated.
        and so the carpet or obliteration or terror bombing (essentially war crimes) was used as total war tool first by germany then by england and later the usa.

  2. Definitely not ALCM’s. Dumb iron for sure. I say, whatever works, in this theater. I’d even be OK with tac-nukes. Would significantly shorten the game time. : )

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