Russian MoD video shows Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22 bombers (with Su-27 escort) bomb ISIS in Syria

Nov 17 2015 - 10 Comments

Interesting footage of Putin’s heavy bombers at work.

Early in the morning on Nov. 17, the Russian Air Force launched 25 heavy bombers against ISIS ground targets in Syria.

The aircraft, 5 x Tu-160 Blackjack, 6 x Tu-95MS Bear and 14 x Tu-22M3 Backfire bombers flew round trip missions from airbases in Russia to drop a variety of weapons: both air-launched cruise missiles, like the KH-555 whose remains were recovered in Syria, and free fall bombs, like those dropped by the Backfires, in the somehow old-fashioned carpet bombing (while being escorted by some Su-27s).

Actually, the show of force of the Russian Air Force was also an opportunity to test some new “hardware” as the new KH-101 low-observable cruise missile.

Here’s what seems to be the wreckage of a KH-101.

Actually, the video released by Moscow also contains old footage, as the bomb bay clip of a Tu-160 launching a KH-555 that we already published some days ago.


  • OR

    ‘Interesting footage of Putin’s heavy bombers at work’ – these bombers are as much Putin’s as US bombers are Obama’s.. they were there long time before Mr Putin has showed up. Please no need to follow the fashion and support widespread misconception that all Russian is Putin’s..

  • Spencerhut

    They are using stealth cruse missiles against a bunch of apes throwing rocks? Wow, color me not impressed.

    • AronLump

      Bunch of apes throwing rocks? Wow.

      Bigoted much?

  • OR

    i suspect these missiles are still work in progress – this is just testing.. but also hitting some real targets

  • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

    Just FYI, it’s statements like these that feed IS ideology.

    • Bez

      It’s those foreign states and others, that feed IS ideology. Mainly Saudi Arabia, the source of IS wahabbi ideology.

    • Johnson Malarkey

      Tell that to the 224 Russian and 136 French dead civilians, that perished at the hands of IS ideology.

  • Bez

    There is no proof of who shot down MH17.

  • Stepan Sushko

    also X-101 (6)

  • AronLump

    So nice to hear voice of sanity on this comment board.