Here are the first pictures of the U.S. F-22s deploying to Poland for the very first time

Two Raptors have deployed to Lask, along with four F-16s and one C-130.

Two of the four F-22 Raptor jets belonging to 95th Fighter Squadron from Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, currently deployed to Spangdahlem airbase, in Germany, have landed at Łask airbase, in Poland, at 08.30 local time (06,30 UTC).

In this post you can find some shots taken by Filip Modrzejewski, chief editor of the Foto Poork portal.

F-22s in Poland_02

The forward presence of the Raptors in Poland is aimed at reassuring allies in Europe and bolstering regional security proving the 5th Gen. stealth jet’s ability to quickly deploy to the European theater: the F-22s returned to Spangdahlem to continue their deployment later on the same day.

F-22s in Poland_05

Along with the F-22s, four F-16s from the 480th Fighter Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, taking part in bilateral training with the Polish Air Force (during which they will be joined by additional F-16s from the 176th Fighter Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard, in early September) deployed to Lask.

F-22s in Poland_06

F-22s in Poland_07

F-22s in Poland_08

F-22s in Poland_10

Photo Credit: Filip Modrzejewski – Foto Poork


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  1. Whether or not it deters is up to Putin himself – But the message is very clear that within 24 hours, more F-22s can be next door and there ain’t a damn thing you can do to stop it. I guess you didn’t “get” the message… No matter, the message is very clear to those that matter – Putin and his Air Force.

  2. these 4 F22 will become pretty cool ashtrays when the war starts and the Russians nuke the airbase where they are based. Muricans… .

    • -write really immature comment threatening nuclear war
      -scoff at the “Muricans..”


      • – After attacking countries that cant defend themselves, I supposed is kind of difficult to accept that there are countries that can hit you back. Besides, its your government the one that by its actions is risking starting nuclear war that will KILL US ALL.. If it would only kill you guys, I wouldn’t care that much.

        – I just normally use the word “Muricans” to to refer to people from the US. I believe that the word “Americans” refer to everybody living in the American Continent, not just you guys.

        • Pooter Bilbo, you’re tempting your buddy to threaten nuclear war?… Who
          exactly would he be threatening by expressing his own opinion, even if it is just a dare from a youngster? Here in America, it’s called freedom of Speech when say that you disagree with what our country is doing. I think you’d find that there are very many more of us that don’t like the current state of things than there are who do. The instability in the region may be due to a willingness, regardless of the fallout, to “end” the war. What has resulted is a shame.
          However, suffice it to say, these armed punks over there threaten not only U.S. interests, but Russia’s as well, which am opined to believe is why Russia has adopted her stance.

          What I can tell you is that I see 3 clear lines in the sand that all sides are now squaring off across – Russia will not give up Ukraine; U.S. will not give up Europe; Isis will not give up Iraq and Syria; and Iran seems to be the one with the best position. Again, this is a shame.
          Russia has backed Iran and done despicable things in Ukraine, which has irritated the U.S. The U.S has backed Europe and done despicable things in Syria and Iraq, irritating Russia. And I personally feel that Russia and U.S. need to be bigger than this – I think there ARE ways to solve the problems by recognizing the common thread – ISIS and Iran. They need to be dealt with: ISIS by the sword, and IRAN by whatever means will WORK to squash their deep hatred of those they distrust. That’s where I think the key to U.S. and Russian relations lies.

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