This cool infographic shows all weapons carried by Russia’s next generation fighter

All the PAK FA armament in a single infographic.

Not only does the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA feature stunning maneuverability. As this interesting infographic shows, the fifth generation stealth multi-role combat plane will carry a wide variety of weapons, including air-to-air, air-to-surface and anti-ship missiles.

Among those that the PAK FA will be able to carry (internally or externally – hence “stealthy” or not), there are: the Izdelie 810, a derivative of the R-37M designed to kill High Value Targets and AWACS at a distance of 400 km; the K-77M air-to-air missile fitted with an AESA seeker; the KH-35UE anti-ship cruise missile; the KH-58UShKE stand-off anti-radiation missile; the Brahmos-NG supersonic cruise missile produced with India; and the KAB bombs.

PAK FA armament infographic

Image credit: United Aircraft Corporation Russia


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  1. Taxes and duties. The crisis has affected the price of oil, but this is not in Russia stopped paying taxes and duties to the state.

    • Thats a funny explanation. Please provide a serious answer. Every one knows that Russia is a kleptocracy. Every government official gets a slice of government revenues so by the time every corrupt politician fets paid from the government till there is almost nothing left for the military to purchase.

      • Nevertheless, Russia has a budget (people, businesses, factories pay taxes and duties), to steal the budget begins when the money allocated to targeted projects (defense, social, production development, etc. etc.). As for the defense sector, in recent years a lot of people jailed for theft and bribery, so that there is fear to steal (recently jailed commander of the Land Forces, Colonel General Vladimir Chirkin (3 star general), for taking bribes, and was jailed several mayors and the governor).

        With regard to the kleptocracy, the high-ranking officials for appointment to positions in large corporations receive options (type of securities), also receive large salaries (Rosneft, Gazprom), these corporations are only partially owned by the state (a large proportion belongs to private capital) to steal it difficult since the private shareholders are constantly hiring international audit firms that everything is checked.

  2. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Optimistic infographics are a far cry from reality. Half of the weapons depicted above are dead in the water either from development problems or lack of funds.

    The other thing that fan-made infographics (and the Russian government) won’t tell you is that the pak fa is susceptible to development and testing problems just like **gasp** the F-35. Just last year one of the few pak fa prototypes almost burned to a crisp on landing. But don’t worry, Sukhoi said the incident will have no impact on development or the testing schedule–a claim that is almost as transparently BS as this infographic..

    • Although i mostly agree with you Pooter, at least the russians haven´t been afraid to show off it´s flying qualities in public, one thing that LM and it´s “fantastic” F-35 so far have failed to do.

      • That’s a good point, and so far I have been very impressed with the Pak Fa’s maneuverability, and russia’s transparency in that department. I will point out however that these are the only details they have been transparent about, indicating that some other areas of the development probably aren’t going as smoothly. And don’t worry, I would never claim that the F-35 is “fantastic.” It is without a doubt a bloated program with far too many hands in the pot and hamstrung by design requirements.

        I just love calling out the hypocrites who dismiss any development problem with the pak fa as trivial teething problems (as you can see from the very mature commenter below) while simultaneously lambasting the F-35 program every time they get so much as even a whiff of an issue.

  3. Thats nice but Russia has cancelled the Pak Fa as being too expensive and falling well short of exoectations. India pretty much abandoned the Pak Fa project labeling the plane as being poorly engineered having inadequate radar and. unsuitable engines. Google INDIA HATES NEW RUSSIAN FIGHTER. The Pak Fa is more of a parade float and propaganda tool than anything else. 12 prototypes will be built at beat. Given Russias deteriorating economy and inferior industrial base the Pak Fa is one of the latest of Russias pipe dreams.

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