Blue Angels low flyby over Pensacola Beach sends tents and umbrellas flying

Jul 14 2015 - 6 Comments

A high speed low flyby causes an unexpected side effect on the shore.

Filmed on the shore at Pensacola Beach, Florida, the following video shows Blue Angels #5 perform a low flyby during the airshow on Jul. 11.

While spectators are distracted by the slow speed pass, another one at very high-speed comes almost unexpected.

The wake turbulence caused by the F/A-18 Hornet of the U.S. Navy display demo team causes tents and umbrellas to fly into the air.

No one was injured by the flying beach umbrellas whilst the crowd seemed to really appreciate the stunt.

Fast low flybys are among the highlights of Blue Angels demo flights at Pensacola.


  • Jones

    It seems Instant hearing damage provokes hilarious laughter.

  • Chris Duffy

    I’m not sure what I like better….the incredible sneak pass, or the fact that the Blue Angels hometown locals react to their tents and chairs going flying with laughs and claps. There’s places in this country where the phone calls to the lawyers would be made before #5 even landed.

    • Bennett Willis

      Chris, I agree. I did not see anyone who seemed upset in the video.

  • dennis


  • OG_Locc


  • Bennett Willis

    As I recall (from 60 years ago) the low speed pass with a high speed single plane going by is a standard part of the program. This time the high speed single was a little lower than planned as it came into position.