The most interesting close encounters between NATO and Russian planes since 2013 in one infographic

Mapped, all the most interesting close encounters between NATO and Russian warplanes all around the world since 2013.

Last week, all those readers who completed a quick survey on The Aviationist were given the possibility to download an exclusive ebook: “Cold War 2.0: All the most significant close encounters between NATO and Russian warplanes since 2013”

The ebook is a collection of posts we have published on this site between 2013 and 2015, and helps you understand how routine interceptions have become recurrent, tenser and more dangerous; the proof that we live in a new Cold War, or a “Cold War 2.0”, as we dubbed it.

Based on our ebook, Willum Morsch, Graphics editor at The Volkskrant prepared an interesting infographic that maps all the events we have reported about in our 70-page report.

Click below for a larger version of the infographic; by the way, you can still download the ebook after taking the survey here.

Image credit: de Volkskrant/The Aviationist


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  1. It is not a cold war… some people wanted a “new longterm enemy” to boost weapon sales to anybody who can afford it. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will aquire weapons for over 300 million dollars. Also russia, china, israel, germany, france, italy, uk, usa sell even more weapons because of orchestrated tensions. weapon manufaturers were afraid of peace, armies afraid of budget cuts. now everybody is happy, they can play war again. russia had a very big air defence exercise in march 2015 and some more naval exercises in baltic and mediterran sea with chinese warships and live ammo. we can expect more blue navies to emerge up to 2025. blowbacks a b,,ch :)

    the book is very well made, stunning pictures, nice work.

  2. No graphic for the Tu-160?
    Are they not flying them lately? I recall hearing about a trip to Venezuela by a couple of them roughly a year ago. Im sure they were intercepted/shadowed by someone at least ONCE in their mission.

  3. Since Sweden is not in NATO or part of Russia, who’s Gripens are pictured in the map?

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