Weapons system video of first F-22 Raptor air strike on ISIS in Syria.

This video shows an attack on a ISIS compound that, according to the Pentagon, was struck by F-22 Raptors at their baptism of fire.

Earlier today, the Pentagon released the imagery of a compound near Ar Raqqah attacked by U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors before and after the raid conducted by the stealth jets.

Pre-Post F-22 strike

Now take a look at the following video, recorded by an unspecified aircraft on board camera system of this ISIS compound northwest of Ar Raqqah. It’s the very same shape, damage and all, hence it must be the very same plane.

What remains unknown is what F-22 system recorded the footage (provided it was the Raptor and not a drone).

Was the Raptor equipped with an IRST (Infra-Red Search and Tracking) system? Or maybe the one above is not a video recorded by a lens but it is a radar image generated by the F-22’s APG-77v1 radar which provides high-resolution synthetic aperture radar mapping, ground moving target indication and track (GMTI/GMTT), automatic cueing and recognition, combat identification, etc. It would be at super-high-definition, so defined it seems a video recorded with a FLIR…but who knows, maybe the F-22 uses such an advanced radar….

Still, SAR can see through smoke, fog etc. so, it’s quite unlike it is an image taken by the plane itself. It was most probably taken by a nearby drone (raising the question: if a drone was operating nearby, why wasn’t a Reaper dispatched to hit the compound?).

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  1. I think that F-22 did the attack, but the footage and the laser guidance was from another aircraft hovering the area (stealth drone?), it’s more easier with a drone, to select targets with their low speed and fully clasify as hostile, mark them with a laser and leave the big boys send their ordnance. (in this case you don’t need a JTAC on ground)

  2. How much ordnance went into that building? I saw two initial holes, then a pause, then I thought I saw two more dark streaks into the same entries just before detonation.

    • My guess is some classified ordinance since only the explosion of the last two hits were cut out; Although it could be secondary explosions.

    • Most likely two MK84s either in laser version (GBU-12 Paveway) or GPS (GBU-31). Pretty sure it was the 2000lb penetrator, just unsure of guidance.

    • The Raptor only holds 2 x GBU-32 (1000 Pound) or some have been equipped with 4 x GBU-39 (250 Pound) for A-G missions.

  3. The majority of the building is still standing! They should have used a weapon that would have left a crater of where that building used to be.

    • Good point. The target of the operation isn’t defeat IS. The target is to boost IS recruiting, with numerous and soft bombings at Syria and Iraq (like a marketing campaign), and move the IS to the south to triggering a large middle east war.

      • Sadly I have to agree with you on that. It will come down to an allied country of NATO being attacked and then we have declared war. Sad but True

  4. The majority of the building is still standing! They should have used a weapon that would have left a crater of where that building used to be.

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