Danish F-16 fighter pilot grows a mustache to honor a legendary U.S. Air Force ace pilot and becomes his look-alike

An F-16 fighter pilot grew a bulletproof mustache to honor a great fighter pilot and became Robin Olds’s look-alike.

Thomas “MET” Kristensen is a combat pilot of the Royal Danish Air Force.

Even though his name may be new to you, he’s actually quite famous, as “MET” is the man behind the world-famous Fox-2 selfie shot while he was firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile from an RDAF F-16.

In an email to The Aviationist, Kristensen explains:

“I’ve just been deployed in Estonia with the Royal Danish Air Force F-16 detachment, to carry out air policing over the Baltic States. In this context, I acquired myself a bulletproof mustache in honor of a great fighter pilot who introduced it during the Vietnam War.”

The great pilot mentioned by “MET” is Robin Olds, a U.S. Air Force ace, with a combined total of 17 victories in World War II and the Vietnam War.

Olds, who retired as Brig. Gen. in 1973 and died in 2007 at the age of 84 (you can find many websites, books about him and his career), was also famous for the mustache he grew in Vietnam. The Wiki page has an entire section about Olds’s handlebar mustache.

Kristensen grew his own mustache to honor the legendary pilot and, as you can see in the pictures taken during the Baltic Air Policing deployment by photographer Casper Tybjerg, a Nikon Ambassador, the similarity with the original shots of Robin Olds is astounding.

Left is Col. Robin Olds (image from Wiki), right is “MET”.

Robin Olds

Image credit: Casper Tybjerg and Wikipedia (via Thomas Kristensen)


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  1. He could match even better. It looks like Robin Olds stands in front of left wing while he stands in front of right wing.
    But even so it does not detract awesomeness of idea.

  2. What does Olds have belt level by his right pocket in the 2nd photo? It looks like ammo. Would pilots carry extra ammo for a sidearm in a bandolier like that?

    • As a gunner with Spectre in 70-71 I carried on my vest and two modified .45 pouches on my gun belt.

    • An interesting question. They might be extra .357 rounds for his S&W revolver although an open bottom cartridge belt might not have been the best carrier considering ejection forces and parachute opening shock. They look a bit like 30 carbine rounds but look closely at the object hanging down behind his left hip. It appears to be a firearm barrel with a bright metal knurled ring at the muzzle. There appears to be what looks like the bottom of a single stack magazine protruding foreword at the end of his knife scabbard. It doesn’t resemble the M6 410/22 Hornet AF survival rifle which was an O/U combination folding firearm. Anyone have a clue?

      • That would be his g-suit tube sir. As an example, look at his modern day collegue, he has a similar looking piece of tubing coming exactly from his left hip.

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