Taliban Video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl exchange reveals several details about U.S. Army planes and choppers involved in the handover

Jun 05 2014 - 8 Comments

The video of the Taliban handing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl over to the US military in Afghanistan reveals the presence of several assets, including some spooky King Air 300s.

Even if both parties had probably agreed almost every detail of the handover, the video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl being released by the Taliban shows that the U.S. military took some further measures to ensure that the meeting would not turn into an ambush.

Indeed, the footage shows that some minutes before the first U.S. Army MH-60 (probably belonging to the 160th Special Operations Air Regiment “Night Stalkers”) appeared, at least two King Air 300s (or quite similar U.S. Air Force MC-12Ws) were already circling nearby.

Needless to say, they were not there by accident.

MH-60 Taliban video

U.S. Army King Air 300s, known as MARSS, Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System, perform ELINT (Electronic Intelligence), COMINT (Communication Intelligence), direction finding as well as Full Motion Video broadcasting to patrols on the ground.

These Army planes are particularly important for counter-IED operations during which they fly overwatch sorties along travel routes ahead of ground convoys to detect any suspect insurgent activity or side bomb sign.

MH-60 Taliban video ground

Their role in the handover scene was similar: they were monitoring the rendez-vous point, scanning the gestures of any Taliban in the valley to see if the meeting was actually an ambush to blow up the helicopter, possibly in front of the camera.

Even the U.S. individual who first meets Bergdahl seems to check his body for a suicide vest or something like that.

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  • Euler was Right

    Which version of black hawk is shown? I though TF’s Hawks and Hooks had refueling probes.

  • Mongee Phase

    The irony, but then again. He did walk off his post, lucky guy.

  • Cheb44

    the King Air isn’t anything cosmic. These flew out of a base I also flew out of, just surveillance platform the army uses. Can’t remember the designation but, makes complete sense it would be monitoring this traitor exchange ;-)

    • Sheepshagger

      You’re JAG I take it ? You know all the facts?

  • Cheb44

    lol should of read further, MARSS. Either way cool aircraft.

  • Pedro Alcontes

    So after 10+ years of war…there are still talibans, and they treat with them…what is changed after all? Afghan government is a puppetry, I bet the majority of the country is still in Taliban hands..

  • michael

    I wonder if we could have fixed that place if we didn’t have the iraq war. Thanks Bush.