All the aircraft types involved in the MH370 air search in one photo

Search by air for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 has been called off. Most (if not all) the aircraft tupes that undertook visual search from Australia, were grouped for a farewell picture.

Search for any sign of the missing MH370 flight in Southern Indian Ocean has been called off, since it is extremely unlikely that any debris will be found on the ocean’s surface little less than 2 months since the Boeing 777 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared from radars.

52 days into the search, anything would have sunk and for this reason the authorities have decided to focus on underwater search.

But before patrol and support aircraft and crews from Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and U.S. left Perth, RAAF Pearce, and RAAF Learmonth, planes from each participating nation were grouped for one last farewell photo.

Image credit: RAAF

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  1. It looks like the Japanese Kawasaki P-1 is missing, it (there’s just one operational) probably already returned to Japan.

    I wasn’t aware that the RAAF’s Wedgetail was participating in the search.

  2. MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval
    False Flag Operation was Exposed Before Execution of an

    By Keith Maart
    April 25,

  3. Anyone on deck there have an explanation for the arrangement of planes or personnel? Protocol is the main question given the participants.

  4. Not present there are any of the bizjets also used. I hope they at least invited representatives of the trained civilian volunteers who did visual searches from them.
    Wedgetail was apparently deconflicting and comms relay.
    BTW, the oldest aircraft in the photo is the RNZAF P-3K2, which started out as a P-3B in 1967.

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