Watch this: Skydivers (and pilots) miraculously escape terrifying midair collision

NBC has obtained the footage recorded last weekend as two planes with 9 skydivers collided midair over Wisconsin at dusk.

Several skydivers had cameras strapped to their helmet and filmed what could be a disaster. However, shocking footage aside, the collision did not cost the life to anyone: miraculously, all the skydivers jumped to safety, one of the pilots used the emergency chute, whereas the other pilot managed to land its Cessna A185 back at the airfield in spite of the damages on both fuselage and wing.

collision 1

The two aircraft were flying at approximately 12,000 feet and 125 knots when the trailing one hits the leader (flying slightly lower than it) for reasons that are being unvestigated. Footage clearly shows the second plane, with skydivers already in position to jump, fly right on top of the first one.

collision 2

Image credit: via NBC

The fireball and the subsequent terrifying plummet among the burning parts of the first plane.

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