North Korea-flaggeg cargo ship seized by Panama carried Fan Song radar of an SA-2 Surface to Air Missile system

Jul 16 2013 - 2 Comments

On Jul. 16, Panamiam authorities seized a North Korea-flagged cargo ship on a voyage from Cuba toward the Panama Canal enroute back to its home country.

The “Chong Chon Gang” was carrying components of a missile system cloaked in a cargo of sugar in what would be considered, if confirmed, a clear violation of UN sanctions on Pyongyang.

Later on the same day, President Ricardo Martinelli of Panama, posted a photograph in a Twitter message of what he described as “sophisticated missile equipment” found in the cargo.

After an open source imagery analysis, the military equipments found inside the containers can be identified as Russian made (or eventual clones of) SNR-75 Fan Song series engagement radar for the S-75/SA-2 Surface to Air Missile family.

Giuliano Ranieri, a contributor to The Aviationist, highlighted the matching details in the photo posted by Martinelli and one of the radar available on the Internet.

Image credit: Giuliano Ranieri. Sources: Martinelli and

The component is a P-11 swept beam horizontal array of the Fan Song.

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