Watch this: Typhoon fighter jet buzzes photographer’s heads on landing

Jul 11 2013 - 7 Comments

Everyone knows Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten, the Caribbean island: essentially, planes on short final for landing pass on top of beach goers on Maho Beach, that is always floodeed with tourists and photographers.

If you look for images of aircraft landing at St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport online, you’ll literally find thousand close up photographs showing planes flying extremely low over bystanders at Maho Beach.

However such an exiting experience can also be lived near military airports.

Watch the video below.

It shows a Royal Air Force Typhoon flying a bit lower than usual during final approach at Waddington on the weekend of the 2013 airshow.

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  • Frank

    Doesn’t this fall into the category “poor airmanship”?

    • Tommy

      Fighters don’t point 1000′ down the runway to land… usually is brick 1, so you touchdown winthin the first 500′ of runway.

      • Frank

        Well, maybe you check out the situation at the Sleaford Road in Waddington on google-earth. I think the pilot was lucky if he still made it to the first five feet of the runway at all.

  • Tom Demerly

    That is excellent! I wish I were there.

  • VFA41_Lion

    Wow. Pilot nearly pulled an Asiana Airlines there.

  • phuzz

    You can see his left wheel clip the grass ontop of the barrier at around the 12s mark, that’s a bit too close.

  • anpmech .

    He came soooo close to ripping off his landing gear, at least from the angle I saw.