“Our Stealth Fighter Jet is not a mock up” Iran’s Defense Minister says

Feb 13 2013 - 15 Comments

Even though experts all around the world have already explained why the Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet will never fly unless it is extensively modified and improved, Iran is desperately defending what they consider “one of the most sophisticated fighter jet in the world.”

First, MEHR News Agency published an article that listed the aircraft’s top features, then Iranian site Khouz News published an image pupotedly showing the F-313 flying over a snowy mountain that was clearly altered using Photoshop.

Despite all the criticism surrounding the F-313, Iran’s Defence Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, is still claiming their radar-evading planes can fly and carry weapons.

During a recent interview, he said:

“The western media policy is to tell you that the Qaher is a moke-up. This is a cheap talk and shows that enemies are worried about Iran’s advancements in several fields, including defense industries.

This is not the first time that our country has built a domestic advanced warfare there was several times before and its pointless for our enemies to deny our abilities. It is unlikely that the wise would believe such sayings.”

These claims are as laughable as the photoshopped images been used by Tehran to prove its technological achievements.

Last year the Koker 1, presented as the first tilt-wing vertical takeoff drone of the world that was actually built and launched by a team from Chiba University, Japan, in 2008.

More recently, Iran was also accused of faking the first launch of a mokey into space after pictures taken before and after the launch seemed to show different monkeys.

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  • Bailey

    Uh oh! The Iran Air Force is secretly overflying Mount Hood in Oregon. The 142nd fighter wing of the Oregon Air Guard is nowhere to be seen either in this photograph. Stealthy!

  • Tyler

    That Photoshop work is hilarious.

  • Stephen

    I don’t know why everyone is giving Iran such a hard time about their F-313, all Defense Forces should say they are amazed and really frightened by the advance achievements of the IAF,,,,,, and let the Iranian imagination deal with that…

  • asyraf wahab

    lol…stupid comment by iran

  • FoilHatWearer

    Lousy detractors, that jet always flies past Mt. Fuji.

  • wmac

    Mr. Cenciotti, I guess your remaining articles about the plane are as credible as this one.

    The website which has published the photo is one of hundreds news websites in Iran. It is not even a news
    agency let alone a state news agency.

    The website uses a popular
    Iranian news software (similar to forum or blog software)
    which is perhaps used by hundreds of other websites. The contact page
    does not give any name and no one knows who is the owner. As an Iranian I
    had never heard of such a website, not even once in my life.

    Besides under the photo it has been written “designed by peyvandha graphics and design team”.

    course you don’t give shit about reality and facts. You just
    like to troll like many other websites and that defines the image and
    credibility of your website.

    • Vakil-e-Roaya

      Nonesense! Khouznews is a ‘respected’ news website at least in the eyes of Iranians, it does have the extension .ir which means cannot go undetected by the Iranian authorities. The silence about it amounts to the approval by other news agencies and especially the government. Khouznews used to be a blog as you suggest but it turned to something more than just a blog in 2011. Here is another news agency announcing its launch followed by a link when khouznews was a blog.



      Be careful about your hollow claims!

  • Joe

    “This is not the first time that our country has built a domestic advanced warfare there was several times before and its pointless for our enemies to deny our abilities.”

    Wait a minute, you have more sophisticated sh!t in your back garage? Prove it to the world if you dare and who the hell is your enemy criticise your design who could tell it’s a photoshop?

  • Paul

    I am amazed that somebody like you who pays so much attention to detail, does not bother to read through various media reports on what the defense minister said, and what the monkey launch was all about. I know that you don’t read Persian, but there are English language sources which have done the correct translations and made factual deductions.

    To set the record straight:

    The Defense Minister stated categorically that this plane has not done its first taxi test or maiden flight.

    As for whether the plane was a mockup or not, he gave a politician’s answer; i.e., no clear statement.

    About the monkey launch: Iranian media messed up. They showed photos of a monkey from a previous failed launch in 2011 (who did not survive), juxtaposed with initial news of the recent successful launch; and then a few days later they showed photos of the recently launched monkey who made it to space and back in one piece. Obviously the two monkeys look different and one is dead and the other alive. There is clear video and onboard photos and video of the successful launch and recovery that show the recently launched monkey went up and came down alive.
    This issue became a major embarrassment for ISNA, FARS, and other official and semi official agencies; it was discussed, and laid to rest amid heavy criticism of such amateurish reporting by the Iranian Space Agency.

    • wmac

      FYI, I am quoting from Foxnews and a Harward astronomer which believe Iranian story:

      “Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks rocket launchings and space activity, also said this week’s monkey space flight was real, but he had a slightly different explanation for the photo mix-up. He claimed the light gray monkey with the mole died during a failed space mission in 2011.

      “The monkey with the mole was the one launched in 2011 that died. The rocket failed. It did not get into space,” McDowell said. “They just mixed that footage with the footage of the 2013 successful launch.”


      The issue was also discussed carefully here with Steven Pietrobon and others agreeing that the story is legit:


    • good to know you work as the regime’s translator and advocate. good on ya!

      • Bingley

        And good to know that you work as your regime’s advocate. See the mirror!

  • Hallö

    It’s clearly a photomontage, but how on earth can someone tell it was made with Photoshop. Could be any editor.

  • RC plane

  • Resa

    iranian news said” a MODEL of the new fighter…” .for some security reasons they don’t exhibit the real one.Iran has succesfully registered more than 1000 hours of this fighter’s flying.About the picture: it’s already been introduced by iranian media as an IMAGE of the fighter over Damavand mountain.Note that any western governments has never officially doubted about this fighter.Dont let partial medias fool you