“Our Stealth Fighter Jet is not a mock up” Iran’s Defense Minister says

Even though experts all around the world have already explained why the Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet will never fly unless it is extensively modified and improved, Iran is desperately defending what they consider “one of the most sophisticated fighter jet in the world.”

First, MEHR News Agency published an article that listed the aircraft’s top features, then Iranian site Khouz News published an image pupotedly showing the F-313 flying over a snowy mountain that was clearly altered using Photoshop.

Despite all the criticism surrounding the F-313, Iran’s Defence Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, is still claiming their radar-evading planes can fly and carry weapons.

During a recent interview, he said:

“The western media policy is to tell you that the Qaher is a moke-up. This is a cheap talk and shows that enemies are worried about Iran’s advancements in several fields, including defense industries.

This is not the first time that our country has built a domestic advanced warfare there was several times before and its pointless for our enemies to deny our abilities. It is unlikely that the wise would believe such sayings.”

These claims are as laughable as the photoshopped images been used by Tehran to prove its technological achievements.

Last year the Koker 1, presented as the first tilt-wing vertical takeoff drone of the world that was actually built and launched by a team from Chiba University, Japan, in 2008.

More recently, Iran was also accused of faking the first launch of a mokey into space after pictures taken before and after the launch seemed to show different monkeys.

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