Israel successfully test fires Magic Wand, Iron Dome successor

The International Business Times website has run an article that states that Israel has test fired an updated and upgraded interceptor missile called “Magic Wand also known as David’s Sling.”

The interceptor is a joint program between Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence Systems and US Raytheon thought to enter service in 2014. Testing of the missile system was originally planned for 2013 but due to recent events in that area (Israel) the testing program was brought forward in the hope of improving on Israels claimed 90% success rate for Iron Dome.

Iron Dome battery at work. Image credit: IDF

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said about the system: “The great success of the Iron Dome batteries during Operation Pillars of Defense proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the tremendous importance of anti-missile systems. Israel is a world leader in this department thanks to Israeli Defence industries and its developers.”

“The completion of the program will be a significant layer for Israel’s mulch-tiered anti-missile defence system,” he added.

Magic Wand (David’s Sling) will have an effective range of around 70 km and will be effective against both short range and ballistic targets. It will fill the gap between the short-range Iron Dome and the long-range Arrow 2 ballistic missile defense program.

The Jerusalem Post (JP) adds a little more flesh to the bones by saying that Magic Wand will be effective against Iranian missiles such as M600, the Zelzal, Fajr and Fetah 110 all thought to be in the hands of Hezbollah.

JP also went on to say that David’s Sling (Magic Wand) has a launcher which holds 16 rounds of the ‘Stunner interceptor’ and works in conjunction with a phased-array radar again Israeli made.

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  1. By the way some of this stuff is worded you could almost think that it was Israel who had been ethnically cleansed into a tiny strip of land and held captive under a military blockade. Also, had civilians killed at a rate of around 10:1 by a high tech, US funded, nuclear armed aggressive war machine.

  2. – Each battery of the Iron Dome is able to defend a circular area of 5 miles radius.

    So protecting U.S. troops against Iran and North Korea will require a incredible number of batteries.

    – It’s a very expensive system.

    Israel’s Iron Dome interceptions of 421 Palestinian rockets during eight days of Gaza fighting cost $25 million to $30 million.

    Against longer range rockets, the David’s Sling will be even more expensive. Each one of its missiles costs $1 million.

    Today, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have 200,000 rockets and missiles.

    North Korean has more than 150,000 rockets and missiles.

    • You have to take into considerations that while war is happening that the Israelis will also attack their enemy sources of power. Israel widened her capability to accurately attack enemy targets with very short time since alert is given. The Israelis put more of their knowledge, assets and money on attack measures.

  3. Are people incapable of talking about the aviation aspect of any Israel article and solely focusing on the political?

    This is an aviation blog, not politics, so pipe down about it and go to another board.

    On the topic, impressive missile defense shield. I wonder if it can shoot down air-launched guided missiles?

  4. @luc: Rafael developed it to protect Israel, a country approximately the size of Manhattan. Not South Korea. Perhaps they should consider investing in David’s Sling instead, which has the highest range.

  5. @Veng

    In the US, many think that “Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system validates the low end of former President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 Star Wars vision.”

    “America must protect its homeland, overseas interests and key allies from the very dangerous, growing threat posed by the proliferation of rockets and missiles.”

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