Impressive video shows Iron Dome interceptors night work against Hamas rocket rain

Although there are plenty video available on Youtube (and elsewhere) showing Iron Dome batteries at work, the following one, brought to my attention by Chris Asp is one of the most interesting.

It shows inbound Hamas rockets outside of Beersheva intercepted by the Israeli rocket defense system on Nov. 14.

Although it’s amateur footage, it gives an idea of the amount of missiles fired towards the incoming rain of rockets.

According to the information released by the Israeli Defense Forces, more than 130 rockets had be intercepted during the opening stages of Pillars of Defense.

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  1. Its impossible to say, what, if anything has been hit. About two years ago Iron Dome had massive problems hitting anything and was described as a token concept, more psychologically valuable than anything else, now its portrayed as big success by IDF and popular western media (in some articles a 9/10 intercept ratio is claimed, which I find hard to believe).

    Historically those improvised HAMAS-rockets are spectacularly poor at hitting anything, let alone create casualties. They seem to be equally incompetent at operating Iranian weaponry. I am guessing, Iron Domes true test will come in another conflict with Hezb’allah.

  2. @para
    there multiple hypothesis for that
    and israli medisator said jabari was intentionaly firing into inhabited zones
    or its the indigenious made qassam are not precise
    and fail alot
    iranian made rockets were destined to be fired from platform
    and the long range ones need commanding unites
    but most video show that the missles are fired indvidiualy
    without any platform (because the platforms can’t be smugled or they make easy taget for IAF)

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