Boom! Video shows Israeli Air Force strike on Hamas Military Chief’s car in the Gaza Strip

Just released by the Israeli Air Force, the following video shows how the the IDF targeted and killed Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip.

The car in which the senior Hamas operative was moving was surgically wiped out with a PGM (Precision Guided Munition) – most probably a missile fired by a gunship helicopter.

According to the IAF website, Jabri had increased rocket fire from the Gaza Strip: approximately 10,000 rockets have been fired at Israel since he assumed the position.

The urban strike is part of a wider operation dubbed Pillar of Defense, targeting “terror organizations’ underground rocket launching capabilities and munitions ware houses that are owned by Hamas and other terror organizations.”

Image credit: IAF


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  1. an israeli mediator have given a diffrent account
    of Jabri
    he said that he was reigning in the rocket fired by other factions and was making hamas rocket land on deserted areas intentionaly
    and he was killed while he was negotiating a cease-fire
    (that would make Hamas even more ferious)
    the numbers are missleading because other factions were firing rockets while Hamas was not (because of their responsabilty over Gaza they became more moderate while other more exteremist factions have nothing to lose)
    and rockest are less lethal than suicide bombing operations
    while supposedly precision stikes still make civilian casualities
    some israeli policticians pointed to that the attack on Gaza
    was a Netanyaho Attack on Iran subsitute for his re-elections
    though that looks like it is backfiring on him

  2. Israelis have their Leftists too. In fact much of the Israeli media is Leftist and rabidly anti-Netanyahu. Quoting Israeli sources which mouth the anti-Zionist line is a favorite tactic of the Left. The canard that Jaabri was shooting his missles into uninhabited areas and not able to control the Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups within Gaza is laughable. On the contrary Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system targets missiles that will land in inhabited areas and ignores those that will strike in open areas. Anyone who thinks that Hamas’ totalitarian government doesn’t control everyone within Gaza is just naive. Moderate Hamas is an oxymoron.

  3. @Miki vered
    this is not the place to have such debate
    but even abbas isn’t moderate enought for the israeli right

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