Syria: this is what being fired upon by an L-39 jet looks like

The following video shows in impressive detail the strafing pass of a Syrian Arab Air Force L-39 jet using a 23 mm gun pod.

The combat trainer was attacking a ground target in Idlib and the footage was filmed from an almost frontal position bringing a new point of view to the several videos emerged so far. The aircraft performs the pass and subsequent turn as if it was flying a standard firing range pattern: the pilotis seemingly not worried by the possible reaction of the Free Syrian Army’s anti-aircraft artillery.

ACIG‘s Editor Tom Cooper has compiled a list of helicopters and fighter jets shot down in Syria.


  • 1 Mi-8/17 on Jun. 26 2012, shot down somewhere over Idlib Province
  • 1 Mi-8/17 on Aug. 27 2012, shot down over Damascus
  • 1 Mi-8/17 on Aug. 27 2012, damaged and forced to emergency land in Idlib Province
  • 1 Mi-8/17 on Aug. 29 2012, set afire on the ground (9 others appear to have been damaged by small-arms fire)


  • 1 L-39 on Aug. 12 2012, shot down while landing at Aleppo IAP (apparently already in emergency, otherwise it wouldn’t try to land there), probably damaged beyond repair
  • 1 MiG-23BN on Aug. 14 2012, shot down near Dayr az-Zawr, pilot PoW
  • 1 MiG-21bis on Aug. 30 2012, shot down while taking off from Abu ad-Duhor AB, pilot KIA (up to 19 others claimed as destroyed on the ground)

A (mock/inoperative?) Syrian Arab Air Force Mig-23MS was also hit on the ground at  Abu-Dhahur air base in the north west region of Idlib on Mar. 3, 2012.

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