Syria: Mig-21 firing rockets caught on tape

After watching several Mil Mi-8/17 Hip and Mil Mi-25 Hind gunship helicopters, L-39 combat trainers, Mig-23 fighter bombers and also some drones being employed by the Assadists against the rebels, here’s the first video (to my knowledge) showing a Syrian Arab Air Force Mig-21 Fishbed firing rockets on Free Syrian Army positions on Al-Mayadeen, near Dayr az-Zawr, in eastern Syria, on Aug. 18, 2012.

Some weeks ago, a Mig-21 defected to Jordan.

It looks like Assad is slightly unleashing all types of Syrian combat planes against the revolutionary forces before an eventual (quite expensive and dangerous) No-Fly Zone is established over the country.

H/T to Tom Cooper at for the interesting video.


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