Fake video of Syrian L-39 forced to crash raises questions about rebel claims

Aug 30 2012 - 6 Comments

Even if other readers had already pointed out to me that the video allegedly showing a Syrian L-39 crashing into the ground might be a fake, it was only thanks to “alfavega” that I eventually found the evidence that the footage was not genuine.

Here’s the video posted by the rebels:

And here’s the video clearly showing that the L-39 was actually a remotely controlled model (go to 03:20):

Along with other real videos, the top one was used by the rebels/Syrian revolution supporters to claim an improved accuracy of the anti-aircraft fire of the Free Syrian Army.

However, this doctored video shows that the propaganda machine is active not only on the Assadists side.

Anyway, in the meanwhile a Mig-21 was really destroyed by the FSA with pilot forced to eject (although it is unclear whether the plane was taking off or landing or taxiing) as the following videos show.

  • lol’d

  • Honestly, anything to scare the Assad regime out of the air. It makes sense to doctor videos to put pressure on the Assad Regime.

  • alfavega

    Thanks to djembe of Escuadron E-69 http://www.escuadron69.net

  • zazuge

    honestly the fake video doesn’t have the style of syria free army nor other revo groups
    the 3d demo animation in the begining show its a work of someone who think only of coolness so it’s more probably a work of some young boy out there in the internet

  • brian

    Hugo Chavez of Venezuela condemns western regimes finanacing of terrorists in Syria:

  • brian

    in syria: New documentary on the fake revolution –