Exclusive: F-16 gets killed by Typhoon during air combat training in first Eurofighter HUD capture ever.

The following screenshot comes from a video recorded by the HUD (Head Up Display) of a Eurofighter Typhoon and it is the first (and only) Typhoon HUD capture ever made public.

It shows an F-16 in the wrong place at the wrong time: in front of a high maneuvering plane capable to point its nose when it wants to.

During a dissimilar air combat training (DACT), the “Viper”, in clean configuration and maneuvering under high G-forces, is killed by a Typhoon with a gun shot scored while flying at 8,200 feet, less than 5 degrees AOA (Angle of Attack), Mach 0.46, pulling 1.8G.

According to the source who sent it to me, the rest of the video shows that the Typhoon, after downing the F-16, continues maneuvering vertically, accelerating a bit to climb and descend again for a second shot on the same target.

The video answers some articles published in 2011 about claims that Pakistan Air Force’s pilots scored Typhoon kills during DACT taking place in Turkey, during Ex.  Anatolian Eagle. According to such reports, Pakistani pilots on exchange with the Turkish Air Force, and flying TuAF F-16s, scored kills against RAF Typhoons in WVR (Within Visual Range) gun contests (even if no evidence was provided to support claims fueling the theory that the  of fighter pilot tall story).

Since I don’t think I need to explain once again why DACT WVR is important and why any simulated kill should be taken with grain of salt, let me just add (paraphrasing someone else’s words):

“The European Typhoon kicks butts!”

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  1. Typhoon pilots refused not to fight the F-22 out in the mddle east a while back and the tales of Typhoons killing F-22’s over the Nellis ranges are just that, tales, tall tales.

    • To be honest, I’ve never heard of any combat pilot refusing to perform ACM even against more capable aircraft. For instance, Italy has flown the F-104 in the air defense role until 2004 and even if they were obviously less capable than the F-16s they still kept performing DACT because flying in such challenging scenarios was considered a valuable form of training.
      Anyway, what was the exercise in the ME being attended by both Typhoons and F-22s?

  2. hmm wAT aBot in turky when an old f.16z of paf caught eurofighters of raf 3time in close combat … man behind the machine matters not machine…

  3. Bruno, there’s already a HUD screenshot of the Rafale downing a
    F-22 on the internet. I’ve seen it several times.

  4. Eis aqui as surras do Rafale em outros jatos:
    Nos mostre as suas surras.

    Vamos la….Exercícios:

    RED SHARK 2004.. surrou F15 e Tornado
    4 Rafale-M venceram 4 F-15S e 4 Tornado IDS da Royal Saudi AF, tanto em BVR como WVR

    JTFEX 2008.. surrou SH em 6×1
    Green Shield 2007 e 2009.. surrou F15s

    ATLC 2009 surrou.. Typhoon, F16 e F22
    Rafale versus Typhoon:
    7 x 1 para o Rafale, com armamento ar-ar;

    Rafale versus F-22: Combate aéreo a curta distância, em alcance visual, o Raptor foi pego facilmente.

    Rafale em missões SEAD detectaram sites de SAM que os F-16CJ não detectaram;
    O OSF do Rafale funcionou bem contra alvos a 20 milhas.
    Demonstração de capacidade “omnirole” com disparos de 6 Sagem AASM contra 6 alvos diferentes e engajamento simultâneo de alvos aéreos com 4 mísseis BVR MICA. Nesta missão, o assento traseiro do Rafale era ocupado com um piloto dos Emirados.

    F22 no HUD e OSF do Rafale:

    Typhoon lockado no Hud do Rafale:

    F-16E/F Block 60 at the sight of a Rafale.

    Super Hornet F-18E/F at the sight of a Rafale

    Eurofighter Typhoon at the sight of a Rafale


    Vídeo Rafale surrando SuperHornet….a partir de 3:00 mins:

    Vídeo Rafale surrando F16 block 60….a partir de 2:00 mins:

    Na Frisian Flag os Rafales simulavam caças soviéticos armados com misseis semiativos e radar ligado, o que permitiu os velhos Phantoms com seu velho APG-65 engaja-los a distancia com Amraams.
    Nestes tipicos treinos os velhos Phantoms alemães já cansaram de abater F16s,F15s, etc… Super Normal mas tem leigos desavisados que não entendem isso,

    Na Cruzex o Rafale fez festa de abates tirando elogios do Comandante Chileno que participou dos treinos no F16.

    No Blog vulgo Gripelandia financiada inventaram a jocosa mentira sobre F-5 pegar Rafale e espalharam aos quatro ventos no intuito de virar verdade. Ninguem da FAB que esteve em Natal confirma essa lorota, nem mesmo os pilotos brasileiros que participaram do Exercicio, onde tiveram a oportunidade de voar no Rafale B.

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