Exclusive: F-16 gets killed by Typhoon during air combat training in first Eurofighter HUD capture ever.

The following screenshot comes from a video recorded by the HUD (Head Up Display) of a Eurofighter Typhoon and it is the first (and only) Typhoon HUD capture ever made public.

It shows an F-16 in the wrong place at the wrong time: in front of a high maneuvering plane capable to point its nose when it wants to.

During a dissimilar air combat training (DACT), the “Viper”, in clean configuration and maneuvering under high G-forces, is killed by a Typhoon with a gun shot scored while flying at 8,200 feet, less than 5 degrees AOA (Angle of Attack), Mach 0.46, pulling 1.8G.

According to the source who sent it to me, the rest of the video shows that the Typhoon, after downing the F-16, continues maneuvering vertically, accelerating a bit to climb and descend again for a second shot on the same target.

The video answers some articles published in 2011 about claims that Pakistan Air Force’s pilots scored Typhoon kills during DACT taking place in Turkey, during Ex.  Anatolian Eagle. According to such reports, Pakistani pilots on exchange with the Turkish Air Force, and flying TuAF F-16s, scored kills against RAF Typhoons in WVR (Within Visual Range) gun contests (even if no evidence was provided to support claims fueling the theory that the  of fighter pilot tall story).

Since I don’t think I need to explain once again why DACT WVR is important and why any simulated kill should be taken with grain of salt, let me just add (paraphrasing someone else’s words):

“The European Typhoon kicks butts!”

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  1. I’m very surprising by the clarity of this capture !

    when we will see a capture of a rafale in this hud ?

  2. Eurofighter might be a good fighter regarding air dominance, unfortunately it is a very low performance plane for ground attack…

    Be that as it may, this picture is very nice

    • Nonsense!

      Typhoons Air to ground capabilities are excellent, based on the evidence of all the successful ground attacks that it undertook in Libya.

      • sorry to launch controversy.

        EF air ground capabilities are very basic for the moment. Only BGL, no cruise or air to ground missile, only one shot for each pass. The EF was not made for that. Tornado have very much important capabilities.
        look at the swiss report
        (sorry for my poor english)

        • Yes.
          Regardless what marketing department said, especially after the air war in Libya, the Typhoon has still a lot to learn in the air-to-surface scenario. Nevertheless, it will probably prove itself a very good multi-role aircraft. But the type of air-to-ground missions flown during Operation Unified Protector was basic and still reliant on the support of the Tornado GR4s.

        • The EF may not have the kind of strike ‘dedication’ that the Rafale has, but it has all the pre-requisites to fulfil most possible strike roles (other than probably long-range stand off strike). All in all, it has great potential provided the supporting governments decide to fund.

    • In this case keep waiting: I’ve not said I hope some day a Typhoon will score a Rafale kill. It’s already happened and there’s a HUD camera video. I’m just trying to get the screenshot…

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