[Updated] Video: Syrian Air Ilyushin 76 unloading "goods" at Hamah airbase. With several flyable Mig-21s, helicopters and Mig-27 in the vicinity

Mar 07 2012 - Leave a Comment

Update Mar. 8 19.30 GMT

Recorded on Mar. 2, 2012, the following video shows a Syrian Air Il-76 unloading vehicles and weapons (according to the Youtube title), at Hamah airbase, in western Syria. Actually, based on the footage, it’s almost impossible to determine the type of goods carried by the Syrian Ilyushin.

However, the video is particularly interesting because it offers an overview of the airbase that discloses the presence of at least five Syrian Air Force Mig-21s in flying conditions, several seemingly mothballed helicopters and a solitary Mig-27. According to Tom Cooper of ACIG.org (who suggests that a sixth example on the video is probably a decoy since it misses both the engine and nose cone),  a fleet of around 40 overhauled and upgraded Mig-21s remains in service with the SyAAF.

Thanks to Fred Enaj for the heads-up on the longer version of the video