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Syrian Su-22 Fitter shot down by rebels over Aleppo

A Su-22 Fitter was shot down by the Syrian opposition earlier today.

On Apr. 5, a SyAAF (Syrian Arab Air Force) Su-22 Fitter was allegedly shot down by the Syrian rebels while flying over al-Eis area in South Aleppo.

Parachuted pilot

As the following footage shows, the pilot ejected from the plane, to be captured and probably beaten by the militants. According to the latest news, the pilot is alive and in the hands of al-Nusra front militants.

It’s not clear who shoot the plane down and how;  unconfirmed reports claim the aircraft was hit by a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System).

Some Twitter accounts have published the photos of the captured pilot (with an ID still to be confirmed).


H/T JeanLucTele for the heads-up. Image credit: via @green_lemonnn, Twitter.

Impressive images of a Syrian Su-24 attack plane shot down by anti-aircraft fire

A Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) Su-24 Fencer attack plane was shot down near Nahtah village.

On Jun. 11, a Syrian Su-24 Fencer was reportedly shot down near Nahtah in the southern county of Dara, Syria.

According to the Luftwaffe A.S. website, the aircraft, a Su-24M2 operating from T4 AB or Seen AB, was hit by 23mm Anti-aircraft artillery.

Although some eyewitnesses said the pilot successfully ejected (note: the crew is made of two members, a pilot and a weapons systems officer…), the footage we have seen so far doesn’t show any parachute in the vicinity of the aircraft, broken in at least two parts.

The Syrian Arab Air Force was believed to count on 20 Su-24 Fencer attack planes at the beginning of the uprising. The Su-24s have been involved in several air strikes and operations.

One SyAAF Su-24 was shot down by an Israeli Patriot SAM (surface-to-air missile) battery after it penetrated the airspace over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Sept. 23, 2014.

 Top image via @JosephHDempsey


There is an Air War still going on in Syria

Syrian Arab Air Force bombers are constantly pounding rebel forces across Syria.

Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer, Mig-29 Fulcrum and Mig-23 Flogger bombers are those most frequently depicted in footage emerging on a daily basis from Damascus, Idlib and any other city or village where loyalist forces fight Free Syrian Army insurgents.

Noteworthy, clear blue skies and better cameras are providing some clearer shots of the Syrian planes usually operating at high altitude.

Furthermore, Assad planes are also continuing to threaten Turkey’s borders: according to a Turkish military statement, on Dec. 27, two Turkish Air Force F-16s were scrambled to intercept a Syrian Su-24 that approached the border.

The SyAAF Fencer moved away from the border when it was only 5 nautical miles from violating the Turkish airspace.

SyAAF Su-24 2013-12-23.jpg

Similar incidents have already taken place several times since a Turkish RF-4E was shot down in Syrian airspace in Jun. 2012. On Sept. 16, a Syrian Mi-17 Hip helicopter was shot down by a Turkish F-16 after flying into Ankara’s airspace for 2 km ignoring any warning.

SyAAF MiG-23MF Idleb-Kafrunbel 2013-12-21


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Impressive images of a Syrian attack plane firing rockets at ground target

Taken on Nov. 30, the following images show a Syrian Arab Air Force MiG-23ML using B-8 pods to fire rockets to ground targets located at Jabal Azzawiyah, Idleb province, Syria.

Such pods are used to fire 80-mm S-8 unguided rockets, a kind of weapon that was employed by both SyAAF Mil Mi-25 gunship helicopters, Mig-29 Fulcrum and Su-22 attack planes.

SyAAF MiG-23ML 30-11-2013

SyAAF MiG-23ML 30-11-2013 Idleb 2

H/T to Luftwaffe A.S. for spotting this impressive sequence


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Latest updates from Syria: tank shelling on Homs and new video from Hamah airbase

After publishing the Special feature: all the weapons used by the Syrian regime on Homs, Bjørn Holst Jespersen, a contributor of The Aviationist, has continued to analyse the footage of the Syrian uprising made available on Youtube to update the article he originally posted on his blog that I’ve later edited and updated with the addition of the details I’ve collected about the made-in-Iran drone used by the loyalist forces.

Tank shelling

This video was uploaded on Mar 30 and is said to be from Homs. Bjørn believes the tank has fired one round just before the video starts – and later the footage shows three more rounds being fired.

The tank seems to be a T-72, but the video is a low-resolution one to rule out any other Russian T-model.

Four frames from the video posted above showing smoke after one tank shell fired (sec 0:01) and three more shell being fired (sec 0:13, 0:41, 1:17). Source: hoole19 YouTube channel.

Left: image of a 125 mm tank shell from here. Right: frame from video posted above.

Assuming it’s a T-72 it will most likely have a 125 mm smoothbore main gun, and it could be firing shells like the one in the image above. More examples here.

It is not clear to me what has happened up to this, but during the video there is no sounds of other weapons being fired or any other sign of provokations, which make it look like this shelling is random terror.

New footage from Hamah airbase

Here’s another video showing Hamah airbased, used by the Syrian regime to launch its drones. Although no sign of the “Pahpad” UAV can be seen in the footage, the airbase shows a lonely An-26 cargo and several Mi-8 helicopters, some of those were used to attack the rebels in the last weeks.

In a previous video, several Syrian Air Force Mig-21s in flying conditions could be seen.

Thanks to Fred Enaj for the heads-up