Russian Sukhoi Su-27s + Iranian F-14s + Iranian F-4s = the most exotic formation ever!

Although some pictures of this unbelievable formation have been already published on aviation website, the Russian Knights, Russian Air Force aerobatic display team has released some more images of the weird formation of Russian Su-27s (with the supporting Il-76), IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) F-14 Tomcats and F-4 Phantoms taken during the ferry flight that took the the team home from the Bahrain International Air Show 2012.

A unique opportunity to see some really “exotic” planes flying in (quite loose) formation over Iran, in a quite tense period.

Image credit: Sergei Shcheglov Russian Knights via (visit this site for more pictures)

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  1. Even if in Ahmadinejad hands,good to see some Tomcat in flight, since the end of US ones… On two pics we can see their AA missiles, russian type (R-27/AA-10 Alamo?not sure, maybe with higher resolution?).

  2. Really interesting!!!!!! And completely different for someone like me, who has just got a Private Pilot license and flies small Cessnas and Pipers……….. they can’t carry the AIM-54, for sure! =P

  3. Whenever all this ends, I really hope that there will remain some F-14s in flyable condition that could be purchased and rehabilitated for the airshow circuit.

  4. Recently overhauled by the Iranian Aircraft Industries at Mehrabad the F-14 can now be armed with AIM-23C Sejil air-to-air missile, which is a locally-manufactured variant of MIM-23B I-HAWK SAM and what’s left of AIM-54s

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